Might buff in fighter skills not working?

  • So the buff is supposed to give me strength for 20 minutes(currently 10 for level 2) and increase crit damage. Using the buff isnt giving me the buff or changing my stats. Fortitude is working, but that gives soul.

    I did a quick search in the forum and saw no results of this issue. Is there something wrong with the buff?

    Edit: So apparently you can only have either Spirited roar or Might on at a time. Spirited roar seems to be the better option to go with. anyone that is familiar with the class could give me some insight on what buff to go with?

  • Hi RoanValorin,

    Most fighter users prefer to go Spirited Roar as it boosts overall damage by a good chunk (both crits and non crits), not mainly crits as Might (23 strength is not much compared to 30%+ p damage).

    Using crit weapons already give you a large enough boost to your crit damage and you want to increase your p damage overall as much with this buff and of course also with good upgrades on your weapon subweapon.

    I do not play fighter class much so I can't go much in depth apart from that.



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