Adding flight to dragon ball wishes

  • Don't know if this thread was creating before ,but I think the wishes could have a change (for example adding flight to wish for). I don't nessasary think it would be too easy to get it ,cuz you can already buy it, so why not add it, what u guys think?

    Maybe it's not a bad idea, but considering that at the level where you get that skill is at level 30. I think you could use the balls in some dragon buff and it would be more useful, besides it is much easier to perform the quest than get a set of balls at that level.

    I think adding that whish would not impact the game, and I really doubt anyone will use it for that, it's like using the balls to ask for zeny to shenlong. "

    but since there are other priorities for daneos, I think this could wait and almost nobody would care about that.

  • This should not be done. Also that cash shop item where you can buy the skill should disappear.

    Just do the damn quest! It's not that long.

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