[Forum Game] DBOG's Spam Kingdom #1!

  • Who'd you like to win this round? 22

    1. Goku (13) 59%
    2. Master Roshi (9) 41%


    DBOG's Official Spam Kingdom #1

    - Sup fellas! Today we are bringing you a brand new forum game, the Spam Kingdom Tournament! It is basically a forum game I've hosted for years on different forums and thought it be fun to have here :D. The Spam Kingdom is a place of social interaction, its a game that requires full community support to progress further, so the more posts we get the sooner we'll advance to the next rounds. Make sure you vote for your favorite characters!

    How does it work?

    • There will be a tournament bracket where 16 participants will be chosen to compete. These could be Dragon ball characters, console platforms, food brands etc.
    • Every Spam Kingdom thread will have 2 of those participants face each other in a poll, and you will have to vote which entry you want to win the round.
    • When the thread reaches 5 pages it will be locked down upon request by a staff member, and the character with the most votes will win the round. (We've decided 5 pages for the 1st tournament, but we might extend the amount on further rounds depending on community activity)
    • A new thread will be made with the following 2 participants, and the updated tournament bracket.
    • This will be the procedure until we have a tournament winner, after this tournament is over another will be hosted with a new bracket.


    • Spamming IS allowed! Post count was disabled on this section for this sole purpose, so we could reach the amount of pages required for the next round to be hosted. (salute Rybo!)
    • Flooding however, is prohibited.
    • All other forum rules still apply.

    This 1st Tournament will consist in Dragon ball characters, but future Spam Kingdoms could host battles between characters from other franchises or even brands, and you can suggest what theme you'd like to see next here!

    Having said that, here is the 1st tournament's bracket:


    Remember that this will only work out if you help the thread reach 5 pages to start the next round, you don't need to post anything relevant. Just voting won't do.

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