Guild Features

  • The guild system in dbo is so simple, I suggest add:

    1. Guild level and rewards: With uds, tmq, cc or some quest the members can help to the guild level up, each level has some reward for example: More desings for logo, more jr master, some skill for the members. Is only and example other rewards can be added

    2. More information about members: We can see only the level and class, for the Master is hard know who is active because the game don't says the las connection and this is important. Example: Aston last connection : 5 minutes ago, Aston last connection 5 months ago. I think that this is important.

    3. News: A new space with more things maybe It support links.

    Thanks for read

    Characters 1.0

    18_small.png Zindel (Lvl 60)

    15_small.png SaibBoo (Lvl 60)

    11_small.png Isen (Lvl 60)

    22_small.png SabitaBoo (Lvl 60)

    14_small.png Pamaor (Lvl 60)

    19_small.png ThePamaor (Lvl 60)

    6_small.png SabiBoo (Lvl 29)

    17_small.png ???????? (Lvl 60)

    Characters 2.0 (Test)

    19_small.png ThePamaor (Lvl 70)

    11_small.png Isen (Lvl 70)

    15_small.png SaibBoo (Lvl 51)

  • More guild PvP events.

    Option to declare war for other guilds (battle for guild style points).

    Dojo battle is not enough.

    Harder versions of current TMQ for guilds only with some alteration. Like making TMQ bosses harder (Purple transfromation like in xenoverse).

    10 guild memeber party exclusive TMQ.