Fusion in DBOG

  • Hello to all DBOG players, all right? I have a suggestion of content to add in the game and that maybe everyone likes!

    Everyone agrees that one of the most memorable things about Dragon Ball is the fusion, right? Thinking about it, I think many would like to be able to make their own fusion in the game. I know this can be hard to do and program, but I think it would be more content for the game and that would make people spend more time playing.

    The system would work like this:

    1-) Could make fusions between any breed, for example:

    A human with a namek, a namek and a majin and etc.

    2-) And it would also be possible to combine the abilities of both, thus creating a new ability (as is the final kamehameha).

    3-) It would also be possible to merge warriors of all classes.

    4- And maybe even the transformations of the warriors involved in the merger can merge.

    5- And finally, the player who could control the fusion would be the one who would start, or a player would control the moves as the footsteps and the other player, the warrior's abilities.

    I hope everyone likes this suggestion :)

  • Unbalanced classes. Bugs everywhere. Useless staff/balance team besides Daneos. No security. Low playerbase that keeps decreasing. And you're asking for more features? They can't even do the maths for skills and classes properly and you expect such a complicated system like "Fusion.

    Keep your hopes low, is they can't fix the feaures game has by default they won't be able to add things like that.

  • Hello SayaGYM,

    I'd like to thank you first of all for your contribution towards the community despite the nature of the suggestion it's still help from your part.
    Long story short, I'd say just give the game some time in order to get to know to how stuff work as from the very content of your suggestion a background of a fresh/new and non-experienced player is extracted so it would rather be advantageous in this case if you get more involved with basic stuff and completely learn the game (assumingly takes around 6 months ATLEAST). You can also try keeping a stable forum activity in the meantime so you get to learn efficiently. The question what does this have to do with your suggestion might come up after reading the first part of my reply but be it the fact that you'd be an older player it'd be as clear as day that the game is totally not going to support such concepts (for the time being, atleast as nothing is inevitable ofc!).

    Locking thread.

    Thank you once again for your contributive action!
    DBO G Team.

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