Hello Everyone

  • Hello everyone, I am new to DBO. Loving it so far.

    Just a quick random questions though. I heard that the original DBO doesn't exist anymore and this is a fan server. Will this game be online for a while? Because I only just hit level 11 and I am really enjoying it...just hoping it doesn't get shut down. And how can I help it stay alive and updated?

  • No va a cerrar, no hagas caso de rumores, solo has caso a lo que digas los moderadores o fuentes confiables.

    La proxima actualizacion sera en invierno, Probablemente diciembre, asi que tomalo con calma.



    IGN: Kote Class: 17_small.png Lvl: 60

    IGN: Kyta Class: :Ultimate: Lvl: 60

  • Hello & welcome. It's good to hear about your interest for the game!

    As for the game dying or not, all what I've got to say right now is that one of the biggest updates to ever manage to undergo is going to be live sooner or later (it's a work in progress atm), so that sums up how alive the game should be. Alot of effort, time and dedication are being put into it. However, at the time being I have to say that it's not the best version, not what DBO really has to offer so to say. So for you as a beginner you can just use the time in order to learn the basics before the bigger update drops and the game gets to show what it really has in its arsenal of stacked fun and the amazing DBZ-MMO experience we've all wanted as DBZ Fans.

    glhf ;)