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  • Hi. I've been recently working at a DBOG bot that helps the community, but since I am not allowed to advertise my server, I guess it would be better to give access to others to my work.

    The bot currently only has an automatic response feature that works similar to mee6, however, mee6 is pretty unstable and has latency / character limit issues, while mine does everything instantly without any flaws.

    If you or your guild would like to have it, please make sure to message me in-discord and i'll give you a private invite link, as the bot is not open to public for now.

    Currently I have these added :

    + CC Boss floor guides from 50 to 100.

    + Class guides for PvE

    + DBOG related commands, such as support, guild finding, upgrade system, accessory obtainment.

    + DBOG Website collections (mostly for PvE content)

    Soon to be added :

    - Event timer that tags everyone 3 minutes DBOG events start, let that be DB event, honey bee event, budokai, etc. and 3 minutes before it ends.

    - Complete beginner guides (some of them are currently directly linked from the forum)

    - and looking for some suggestions regarding to this.

    Please be aware that this bot is not for sale, I am not advertising it to make any sort of profit, I am simply freely offering a bot to help DBOG related discord servers out, that might need something like that.

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