Just another thread recommending to pick up the Reincarnated as Yamcha Dragon Ball short story

  • Just a few things that stood out to me;

    There is extra artwork (I think, it looked new to me) in the volume collection of this short story that wasn't seen in the digital releases of the chapters in their original run of release in Jump Plus or whatever these were originally released in

    There is a whole new extra chapter included in this volume. Without spoiling much it's centered on Yamcha/the person reincarnated as him coming to peace with Vegeta being the one Bulma chooses, but if that doesn't sound appealing, in that chapter there's also a really cool scene where Yamcha helps someone in need that I thought was great, and some nice character interaction between Yamcha and one of the other Z Fighters

    Yamcha (person reincarnated as Yamcha) thinks to himself about how Launch really, really liked Tenshinhan and he wonders how she is doing. I liked this a lot, just a nice nod to Launch and the fact she isn't seen much but I think it also is just more reinforcement that Launch's feelings for Tenshinhan are canon. appsync.biz/speed-test appsync.biz/scrabble-word-finder appsync.biz/solitaire I know this short story isn't canon but between this reference to her liking him, the filler scenes (I think they're filler scenes, I don't believe they're in the manga, but I could certainly be wrong) and Akira Toriyama's comments about Launch spending time with Tenshinhan on his farm in an effort to get close to him, it seems clear that canonically Launch does indeed have feelings for Tenshinhan.

    I loved this short story. Yamcha is my favorite DB character and he's been my favorite since the Dub's original run of the Android arc on Toonami. To see something like this finally happen for Yamcha (plus his baseball episode in Super, his excellent fighting style in Dragon Ball Fighterz as well), it's been great. Left me wanting more DB stories centered on lesser used characters and excited for the future of DB

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