[MOD Request] Red-eyed Namekian Form (Kaioken)

  • Hello, as the title says I'd like to ask for this mod to be made with the kaioken aura, including those red eyes, purple aura and sparks as shown in the video.



    "An unnamed red-eyed Namekian form has appeared in several video games. This state is implied to be some kind of Namekian equivalent to the Super Saiyan forms, as in its first shown usage, it's user took on the form to counter his opponent's transformation into a Super Saiyan.

    In Dragon Ball Heroes, after using the God Class-up, the Namekian avatars takes on this form, putting their power on a level similar to the likes of Super Saiyan God avatars and gain the ability to use Godly ki."

    latest.png?width=400&height=229 latest.png?width=354&height=301

    And if possible an alternate version with blue eyes and that green color as shown in the last pic. But what I really want is the first version. Thanks.

  • For sparks there is a mod somewhere in this forum, but with that mod everyone has sparks, transformed or not transformed. Another way is not known atm

    For the kaioken:

    Atm you can change the aura, but not the red color on your character

    Here is a quick color switch to purple:


    If you want it different, try this way to change it in a few seconds:


    For the red eyes you need to know the texture of your face (which one you chose in character creation). Then you can easily repaint it. You will allways have them tho, not only when you transform (I guess, I rarely mod nameks).

    There already was a request for that dogi, it had a different base tho, so it isn't exactly like in the video (click on the picture to download):