Dragon Ball Time and Space Legend - New DBO Game

  • The 3DMMO online game "Dragon Ball Time and Space Legend" authorized by the Japanese national classic "Dragon Ball" will be opened for testing at 14:00 today! The game is highly restored to the classic storyline of the animation, and the characters in the original will also debut! I believe that "Dragon Ball Time and Space Legend" will surely evoke the hearts of the players, relive the blood and passion of the year!

    official site: https://lzo.ztgame.com


    ["Dragon Ball" genuine license, MMORPG large online game] Since the premiere of "Dragon Ball" series in 1986, it has been loved by the audience with its fun and interesting story stories, passionate battle scenes, and high-quality fine production. In this long period of 32 years, "Dragon Ball" animation has undoubtedly become a well-known classic animation masterpiece at home and abroad. This time, the MMORPG large-scale online game "Dragon Ball Time and Space Legend", which was authored by the Japanese national classic animation "Dragon Ball", is about to start the first round of testing. Are you ready for the battle? !


    [Multi-role play, guarding the world of Dragon Ball World] Genuine authorized 3DMMO online game "Dragon Ball Time and Space Legend" is based on the "Dragon Ball" animation world view as the core, the game completely restored the original characters, story stories, skill battles and other content. In the game, the player will be transformed into the characters of Turtle Immortals, Goku, Colin and Bulma in the animation. Should shoulder the burden of eliminating evil energy, guarding the order of time and space, and defending history. Fight the evil forces and fight for justice in this broken world!


    [Experience passion, fighting is the truth] In the world of Dragon Ball Time and Space, fighting is the truth. Team underground platform, copy of the predator mine, let the Dragon Ball fans who love PVE battle, come to an awesome battle mob, pick the pleasure of BOSS. And killing and matching the Dragon Ball's cross-service PVP battlefield, let the battle start. Of course, there is also the indispensable first martial arts in the world, whether it is heads-up, or 3V3 or 5V5, here is the best place to test your combat strength!


    The 3DMMO online game "Dragon Ball Time and Space Legend" authorized by the Japanese national classic "Dragon Ball" will be opened for testing at 14:00 today! Still don't invite your friends to swim in the world of Dragon Ball!














  • i just want say that this CBT just started and the game is not even announcement on thier main website http://www.ztgame.com/
    you can find here all thier games but not "Dragon Ball Time and Space Legend" this game also dont have its own forum yet etc,,, thats why even chinese community dont know about it and you can't find more info than in official website, only 2 classes from 4 are playable after 2h of gameplay they droped over 1gb patch, the balance dont exist yet, some objects miss shadows, some skills miss sounds, its not final form of game for sure here is also some bugs and server is not very stable yet.

    some gifs







  • I dont get why my post and the one from the chinise fellow were deleted. At least this "leader" could explain the reason huh? Or you just delete posts you dont like on these forums?


    True contact between beings is established only by mute
    presence, by apparent non-communication, by that
    mysterious and wordless exchange which resembles
    inward prayer.

  • And if you were running the show you would tolerate breaking forum rules and trashing of your work?

    When you are a guest in another persons house, do you act like a pig? Forum is the same, where the admin dictates the rules and what is acceptable and what is not. If you don't like it and can't understand that, don't let the door hit you on your way out. :)

  • En

    @ DrDisRespect No es agradable, pero nada especialmente sorprendente. Muy divertido a corto plazo, no tan interesante a largo plazo y todo se vuelve aburrido muy pronto.

    Es una necesidad para probar cosas, por lo que un equipo de administración comprensible lo tendría, pero también es bastante injusto y se rompe el juego si esa persona lleva personal / jugadores no administrativos (lea a los amigos, a quienes pagan tales servicios y demás). En ese caso el equipo de administración debe encargarse de ello.

    @ AnnaKarina No responderé a tus insultos infantiles. Entonces otra vez, todavía estás aquí?

    En No hay un equipo detras de daneos, es el solo por que es una persona que no confia en nadie, si aprendieras a informarte sabrias lo que paso cuando formaba parte de un equipo con mas gente en el foro GAMERAGE, Daneos nunca ha sido sincero con la comunidad y promete cosas en fechas que nunca cumple, solo lo hace por beneficio economico.

    Si quieres sigue defendiendo a daneos, pero no es su juego, el se beneficia de nosotros, el juego pertenece a Bandai Namco.

  • First of all, here is a free tip: translate.google.com

    Secondly, I am looking at things differently than most of you because most of you are either kids or people with 0 sense of running a business. Yes, Daneos may not be perfect, and his team may not be perfect. But what have you done to feel so entitled to bitching?

    I don't know Daneos personally, but I remember he was quite active on dbocom which I used to visit a lot back in the day. When original game was showing stagnation, he promised he will revive the game. And he fulfilled his promise. Now after several years I can play this game again.

    How many of you actually did anything to help his efforts? How many of you are aware what he did, how many hours, nights and what not he spent trying to find the crew and putting this whole thing together? Through how many crap he had to go through to pull this off? You think it's easy? Why don't you make your own server then and be better than him?

    From my point of view, he managed to pull a skeleton crew and managed to make something out of nothing. This game certainly generates some income, but is it really enough to pay proper development and pay each month devs the salary? Do you even know what an average expected salary would be? Do you even know the difference between gross and net salary and the actual numbers? Do you know what caliber of a server game such as this needs and how much running a server costs? Do you know how much managing a server costs? Do you know what kind of crap you have to go through to find a single line of code in wast amounts of code which you even didn't make (making things ever so harder to find), just to fix a single seemingly simple thing? I think not, otherwise you'd keep your head down and show some god damn respect. I was doing many of those things and I know a thing or two about it, so I don't complain.

    Sure, I would love to see a new client to fix this god awful freezes and would love to see a more rational upgrade system. If the new game even comes out, I might eventually try it and if it's better, I might play there. And I might not, especially because of business models that are very likely to be used and very big lag which will be caused by distance, not to mention the lack of support. Whoever played TW and is not speaking Chinese knows what I am talking about to a bigger or lesser extent.

    To conclude: Even having a thread such as this in this forum is questionable. The attitude of a couple of toxic people around here even less so. Try pulling that crap on other game's forums and I wonder how far you'll go. If you don't like this game, that's fine and that's your right. You are free to leave and move along, nobody will stop you. But do you really think the official forum is the right place to non-constructively trash talk and cause uproar and headache to admin? Do you really think it will be tolerated? I am a bit surprised to see some of you are not banned. And I am talking from experience from other forums and other games, where rules and moderators (yes, moderators, not admins), were much more strict and much less lax.

    And what you wanted to state by telling this was a project Bandai Namco started but eventually gave up on is beyond me...

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