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  • I can understand peoples frustrations , Heck im frustrated but understand that this is a process that could take some time. I check in time to time just to see if we have any updates or information.

    I played a little on the new client on the test server and it's looking pretty good (excluding issues but they will be ironed out) I for one am excited for the future but just a little impatient.

  • That's cool.

    Most of the people didn't know for voting and voting time even got reduced in the end.

    The claim that the wipe will make things different is quite bold, especially since announced wipe actually just wiped the live-server community.

    People who voted wipe said a lot of people ("their friends") that quit before, because of "unfairness", will come back. Those people will MAYBE come back and then probably leave again after a month or two. If they come back.

    Those who really liked the game, played it no matter what. Problems could have been remedied without wipe, especially if they were addressed sooner.

    Last time I was logged in, about 4 months ago, the live server wasn't overcrowded, but it sure had more players 8 months ago before the wipe was announced. My guess is there is even less people know. The players that get into this game now are getting a wrong picture of this game being dead, all the while nobody wants to invest time in playing a game just to lose everything afterwards.

    If the devs already wanted a wipe, they should've just announced via in-game system (via the same guy that announces DB start and end?) that the poll regarding wipe is taking place on forum.

    And no, you cannot say that everyone was talking about it in in-game chat, because a lot of players just turn off chat so they don't see idiots spamming and writing immature writings over and over again.

    For the end of this somewhat long post - despite being a joke at first, it seems we have to wait at least "winter 2019" (4 months to go). Considering how things are moving "fast", maybe even longer.

  • Please listen to the player's opinion. I respect the result of the vote. But Dragon Ball 1.0 has died. There is no update level. I only hope that Dragon Ball 1.0 can update the level to lv70. This is not difficult. Most players also hope that at least during the waiting for Dragon Ball 2.0, we can also Continue to play Dragon Ball 1.0

  • I'm pretty sure they have a schedule for this wipe and any other development phase, but they don't tell us, it is a team of developers, right? even they are in a few people working on it, it must be a deadline or something like that