<POLL> Do you want a Server Wipe? Vote!

  • There should be a wipe of the server? Please read below before voting 2,311

    1. No, there shouldn't be a wipe of the server. (1,196) 52%
    2. Yes, there should be a wipe of the server (Everyone back to level 1 to keep the names). (1,115) 48%


    Hello Dragon Ball Online Global Community,

    Today, we would like to announce an important thread about the future of DBO Global. As you probably have heard, many players have been talking about a possible wipe of the server to start over again within the new client and some new changes that I will comment below.

    We need you to vote on this thread about what you think about it, do you want a server wipe or not? Please read what I will comment now before you vote.

    Why would there be a possible wipe?

    Thanks to the new client we will be able to have more security on the client such as Anti BOT System and as you may know, some systems will change, one of the most important is the upgrade system.

    Also, some exploits were fixed, although I can not promise that there will be no new exploits.

    There are other reasons why it may be good to have a server wipe, but I prefer that you think about it as it is your decision, vote what you think is most convenient.

    If there is a server wipe, will we have rewards?

    Yes, if the wipe takes place, all of you will have the following rewards.

    • If your character is level 30+ (at this stage), you will get a Level UP 30.
    • If your character is level 30+ (at this stage), you will get your class passives (Guard, dash, RP charge & Flight).
    • People who reach the maximum level (Lv 70) in less than 1 month will get some (unknown) rewards.


    • All the cash points you purchased will be refunded.

    Poll Duration.

    The duration of the poll is 7 days.

    Poll / Thread Rules.

    VOTES will be counted manually, votes from accounts that has been created in the date 27th January and above won't be counted to avoid possible multi accounts. People who vote more than 1 time will be disqualified and their vote won't count.


    Reminder that all forum rules still apply here. If you want to express your opinions, please do it in a civilized way.

  • Hardlock

    Approved the thread.
  • about founder pack items? we will receive again ?

  • Nice games developers always listening to wrong people, wipe this game is a huge mistake, I know "yes" is going to win, I won't grind to lvl 70 my 4 characters again and lose everything that I killed myself to get, I'm done, I feel stupid to support this game as a founder.