<POLL> Do you want a Server Wipe? Vote!

  • Even making this post is a big mistake and it's already making ripples as people are stopping to play until they realize what you are going to decide. I guess I will be joining them as there is really no point in playing if all will be lost in a matter of days or weeks. Maybe it's even a good thing...

    This is a very important question which you should've handled alone behind the closed doors without listening to a handful of whiners...

    It would be better if you looked into remedying the reasons which makes the voters for wipe so frustrated. Wipe is such a crude and irresponsible thing to do with absolutely no regard to time people invested.

  • So you think that the solution for every game's problems is a wipe? What kind of player will feel safe of playing a game that you can lose everything without notice? Not me, GG for you guys.

    I personally don't have any problems with giving them the last chance. The fact is that DBOG Team isn't and never was a crew of professional developers or an highly paid company in a first place, these people are amateurs and they do make a lot of mistakes. Hopefully the new client will be more entertaining and major critical errors such as crashes & freezes will be fixed as were mentioned before. If no - then goddamn Hallelujah for this project. Wipe is the last resort to bring this game alive and you just simply have to deal with this or quit without complaining.

    Not arrogant, just better.

  • Nice games developers always listening to wrong people, wipe this game is a huge mistake, I know "yes" is going to win, I won't grind to lvl 70 my 4 characters again and lose everything that I killed myself to get, I'm done, I feel stupid to support this game as a founder.

    Bye then, you clearly don't know the state of this game right now nobody is going to tell you "NOOO!!! PLEASE STAY!! "

  • ok it seems we are getting wiped, so we need to prevent a new wipe from happening over and over, then let's test that new client, find all possibles bugs and fix everything there

    Once we have the game working at 100% let's gets a wipe, probably players won't resist a new wipe after this one

  • Please indulge me and tell us all what is really the state of this game now that it really needs the wipe so desperately?

    All you cringe to is several incidents that some folks abused and only some of them are here left playing.

    And all those nice shiny gears will mean so much with level 70 items taking place... You get the sarcasm, right, or I have to paint you the picture?

  • This poll was made just to win time again but i guess theres nothing to do about it. So if the server starts from scratch now and i think it will. You should probably use this last weeks youve got for balancing. So that every class and every player knows what he is up to and knows what his class can and cant. I dont want a wipe and than every new week my characters will get different than the first day. Why do a wipe when its gonna be same shit different day. If you really going to wipe it than make it worth to wipe. If you just want another 4 5 months dbog hype and than 0 again you dont need to wipe it. The hype will come with the new client but players will stay with balance and change in the game itself.

  • Btw., how did you think it would all work?

    There is a significant opposition to pro-wipe voters and do you think they will too be happy if you wipe them even if they said no? They will just keep their head down and continue playing? Surely some will, a lot of them won't. And if there is no wipe, the others will hate you for giving them false hope. In either case, lose-lose situation.

    Making this thread was such a mistake...

  • The fact that some of these people haven’t played since 60 cap got released makes me laugh. Don’t vote “no” for a wipe if you haven’t been playing for the past 10 months realizing the state of the game was (and still is) going downhill. No one obviously cares about your full +10 and that one piece of +13 armor/weapon, or having to level again. If you don’t want to go through the process again then CYA!


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  • Wait what? Lose everything that we farmed once again?
    Just a year have passed since the last reset,why do it again?

    And I have more than 1 char with lvl 30+

    I think that a reset now is pretty ridiculous