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  • That would mean that they need to maintain 2 different systems and make new servers. Which will need quite a heavy investment and more work from the staff team.

    Keep in mind that adding new lvl cap, activating higher lvl quests and making sure bugs do not happen on 2 different systems just is to much to ask for.

    I was thinking more that the old server would just not get any more updates. That this is it (like with old software with an end of life).

  • User comments assume initialization. Are the users stupid? Haha. Is this the reality of Germany? Once initialized, many users will leave. You said there was no further initialization. At least it wasn't like this when it was run in Korea. Germany was defeated. Germany knelt before the money.

  • Exactly my thought, people must love level 55 and 60 items so much..., a 60 +15 is on pair with a 70 +9 or +10 and is probably worse because of the % difference in stats.

    I saw some people claiming that staff can't delete the items manually but if they can't even do this how are they supposed to keep the game safe?.

    If anyone says that they will be capable because of the new client then they can also delete these items in that client.

    Doing what we suggest (deleting level 70 gear or a few +15 even when the 60 aren't a problem in 70 cap) would take more effort but it's the correct way to do it, always taking care of details and not just by sweeping everything without caring at all.

    Tragically, resets are always bad for mmorpg's, every time there is less people behind and is not my opinion, is just what happens.

  • Quote from wenotgiveup

    Honestly, the moment is one of pondering.

    1) 3 of the 4 game servers are empty. EMPTY. The threat of a WIPE drove away all the really loyal games.

    2) Cash can be returned, but all hours of dedication of these people can not be returned. It's an assault without a turn. People like me felt their toes hurt after a full day of playing.

    3) This is about RESPONSIBILITY. Many people returned to play after the previous reset , BY THE PROMISE that there would be no other reset.

    4) This is about trust. Who will want to dedicate themselves to a game that has WIPE every year? This is about suffering upping your character and dying on the beach.

    5) Almost everyone, or everyone of the game administration wants the WIPE. And that influences and discourages ALL dedicated players.

    6) Who does not care about their characters being extinguished, probably will not bother to play again after the WIPE.

    7) Dedicated players, like me, may not come back. Because we just need a little respect.

    8 ) Probably half of people DO NOT WANT A WIPE. Is DBO prepared to lose all of them? Well, good luck.

    9) These people use dbo as a way to escape. An alternative world where they felt safe, strong. Now they feel reset. Clean, made trash.

    10) Ponder. Do not Take our,OUR,level. Or lack of trust in the server may be the end of the game.

    I and the entire Brazilian community do not want to stop playing, but if there is a reset. Sorry. But we will stop.

    *** If they have hearts, we will have hope. Do not give up. We are the BDO. ***

  • The cp points will be refunded. Whether you used them or not, they will be refunded.

    We all wasted our cp on wagu scam machine so it's gonna be refunded anyways for every one.

  • You and the Chinos are the ones to umm...blame lol. If a bugger/hacker told me he quit the game if it ever get reseted then hell, I’ll break my leg for the reset. One less noob to worry about

  • i know,i would happily support the game but sadly i cant cash from my country(can't use online shopping from here)for many reasons

    but i dedicated so much hours to this game cuz i rly loved it

    i know many others feel exactly like me

    do whats best for this game but dont lose players<38o

    I cant cash in my country and a f2p players aswell. Made 6 characters 60 and a one SK 46. All have respectable gears if not +15 and im still not here bitching about it and want a wipe. Just shut up and deal with it.

  • I would like to ask: if the new client does not fixed the freeze, the anti-bot is not useful but just annoying, bots can be found everywhere, ppl can get +15 easily or extremely difficult, classes are inbalance, ppl unable to find party...

    Do you still want a wipe? I think some of them may even miss the old client.

    Therefore, my point is: please release the new client for testing rather than claiming everything will be fixed. When we have tried and it is good, most ppl will agree to wipe. If problems still exist, wipes will be required again and again until the serious problems are fixed.

    I don't know why this vote happen so soon. A vote should be raised during cap 70 open alpha testing rather than before. What we vote now is just a dream. Someone who trust the develop team may vote yes and the others vote no. The team really did a great job, but they also made mistakes.

    In real world, if there is a voting for wipe, yes will win. Because poor ppl is much more than rich ppl, and the wealth difference is huge.

    Anyway, let's see. At least the 70cap will attract ppl to come to play for a while. But the development team should develop new content. So far, I cannot see many new contents exist. It is just old 70 cap, cc150, and 3 bid. The new upgrade system is just an "idea". May be 2020 will have a wipe to implement this idea and remove the mistakes made during 2019.

  • I was thinking more that the old server would just not get any more updates. That this is it (like with old software with an end of life).

    So you are telling me that you want to keep the old server as it is now? People already left since there were no updates being done, which was the same thing with original DBO, you could really feel as you were stuck in a time vortex where you would do the same thing over and over again (UD,TMQ,CC,DB hunt) and you wouldn't improve as you already got everything (all the wishes from shenron, maxed gear, the feeling you have already done and seen everything more than enough).

    An MMORPG with no updates will be forgotten over time.

  • To all players who didnt cheat and now are very upset that they characters will get wiped


    Only on my main account I spent 1000+ hours playing (afk in Korrin as personal shop is not included. I was using other chars to do that) and trying hard to make it as good as it was possible. If I were playing this game 24/7 it would take me 42 days of non-stop playing to get to this point. Instead it took me about half a year if not more. And you know what? Im all YES for wipe because I dont like fact that somebody got to where I am just by breaking rules using bots/cheats or buying botted stones/zeni.

    So now please stop pity yourself and understand that there are people who are willing to sacrifice more than you for the sake of wiping the game from all this shit so that we all can enjoy fair game.

  • Now that i've seen your main i wanted to check my accounts. And it's kinda funny to see that you got less playtime on your main than your other accounts used for buffs.


  • As you can see a lot of us have lost a lot of time, so it seems to me that there is nothing to discuss on this subject, I have over 1500 hours on the main account, the rest is a bit, and I know there are people who have much more and want it wipe.



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