<POLL> Do you want a Server Wipe? Vote!

  • att fake votes

  • att fake votes

    820 - 448 = 372 No

    817 - 147 = 670 Yes

    670 - 372 = 298 Difference

    Wipe is winning by 298 Votes, or 64%


    Guys, please remember that at face value, the poll is extremely incorrect and the true score can be deduced by taking away votes after the 27th of January, 2019.

    Of course, staff will be able to clean it up even further by removing people who voted on multiple accounts with the same IP, etc.

  • After the wipe, Do we get ours actuals lv 30 or more characters back to lv1 or just empty slots ?

    In first case, I was wonderin if it could be possible to add a name change and sex change items to the "lv up 30 starter pack thing" ?

    sorry for my basic English and if that's a little off topic.

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  • I guess this is time to stop blaming each other stop be selfish I mean crying about how hard is to lvl up in this game, how hard is to collect dragon balls or how hard is to collect money to buy dogi. As You can easy check 60-70 % ppl want wipe and I think that 40+pages of posts in one topic is enough to blam and spam "wipe", "no wipe". Better start to help Daneos about new client, he need your help regarding bugs and he want to know your opinion on the next changes. If You want better DBO stop crying and help him. Cheers!

  • you should be a mod mate your good at conveying messages clean and precise to the public! if theres an opening i recommend u apply thats my opinion thou

    And i'm over here wondering why the majority of this community failed to see what [GM] SuperSTAR explained them. Really makes you wonder what kind off ppl this Community is made of lmao. I mean ppl can see that by looking at the Votes that will not count...

    What Supreme wrote is how it'll most likely happen. If ppl didn't know that from the start , wow.

    I think this Wipe thing has been discussed too much already. We saw many arguments for wipe and against wipe. Can't come up with something new cuz it's all been said. People against wipe somehow still keep this up, some go into dramatic mode. Dunno why tho. I mean you see the results. It's gonna happen. Being against it at this point is a waste of time. Accept it already. It sucks, we know but you can't change it.

    At the end of the day, the wipe will benefit the game. More ppl will come back to play. Not too many ppl will leave. Most of the ppl who say so, will keep playing. We all know that. Being dramatic is useless tbh.

    At this point i just hope to see major changes for the game. Like finding a solution for stuff like atk speed crap. Really don't wanna play DBO like that. Endgame content should be harder since it's literally end game stuff. The sh*t you get is the best stuff. The way this game is atm is hella wrong. You get said stuff waaaay too easy. I'd love to see boxes gone. None of that gamble for best stat crap. Everything should be farmed with hard work. Then add like Dungeon entry limits per day. 5x a day Kraken, without having boxes is gonna make getting end game stuff hard af. You could drop the right stuff, but then you got a party with other ppl who might also want the drop. So it really will be hard to get end game stuff, especially the things you want :D

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    You learned nothing.

    Wasted your time.

    Also thanks for reading all the way

    down here.

    Enjoy the emoticon.


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  • for me it would have ended this vote is already more than obvious that the wipe won, every day are created more than 50 bots to vote no, this explains how toxic players are not even read the topic and leave creating bot

  • Seriously, there are over 400 fake accounts voted No and attacked poll with bots and people still arguing about why a wipe is necessary...

    If such poll gets huge amount of bots attack, imagine how many players in-game already did so?the anti bot system is essential AFTER a wipe happens, not while everyone has scammed items that they dont deserve!!!

  • Stop the vote, give us the launcher. We have to test the server first .Lets see it and then we'll tell you if its worthing the wipe. After all we are gona play it, no? If its worthy the wipe you'll have my yes, i promise. Until then i vote no.

    Already have enough votes to reset, the server test will be ready soon and we will test. After testing we will have the original server again, clean.

    maybe another 2 or 3 months to get it all done.

  • Ya tenemos suficientes votos para restablecer, la prueba del servidor estará lista pronto y la prueba. Después de la prueba tendremos el servidor original de nuevo, limpio.

    Tal vez otros 2 o 3 meses para hacerlo todo.

    Eso es demasiado tiempo lol pensé que era en 1 o 2 semanas después de abrir el de prueba, porque si es así, así que deberían haber tenido todo listo antes de hacerte la maldita encuesta que genios son estos programadores ...

  • I hope at least 2 month this people who dedicate his time on doing bots quit the game due to the rage of see how pointless their efforts are.

    If that happen the wipe clear the game from toxic people more than i expect.

    And maybe with the new client 2.0 DBOG spend some money on marketing so new potential players join the game.

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