<POLL> Do you want a Server Wipe? Vote!

  • Yes. Wipe won. But old client is dying. New client is not coming yet. People were gone.

    Before the vote, we can still "waste our time" to play a non-perfect game.

    After the vote, what we can do is waiting and dreaming a perfect game ... Who knows how long we need to wait? From 2018 winter, to end of March. What will be next? End of Apr? 2020?

    I wonder why the majority choose to trust the announcement. Does it mean that majority is always wrong?

    Btw, where is Danoes? He seems disappeared. I think he needs to at least say sorry to the founders and players who trust him, as he promised that there will not have a wipe.

    I am just a f2p player and I never trust him, so no need to say sorry to me :D

  • En

    tu punto de vista es altamente patético, ves que solo piensas en ti mismo y en las cosas que solo necesitas ver, pero no siempre puedes estar en lo cierto en todo, así que pierdes el tiempo dibujando teorías tontas porque, en primer lugar, la hipocresía lo tiene en un mal concepto, que no tiene nada que hacer aquí en primer lugar aprender significado de cada palabra

    Why do you need to write in spanish to call me pathetic and selfish when you were already speaking to me in english? Seems strange. But whatever, you call me selfish but you're only caring about your point of view while demanding respect while offering none. Its text book hypocrisy. You only care about arguments that support yours which is textbook confirmation bias. That seems selfish to me. I'm not trying to insult you, I was just making observations. If you took it as a personal attack, i'm sorry, that was not my intent. Nevertheless, if I see flaws in your argument, and I do, I will point them out. Free speech isn't freedom from consequences or condemnation.

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    ¿Por qué necesitas escribir en español para llamarme patético y egoísta cuando ya me hablabas en inglés? Parece extraño. Pero como sea, me llamas egoísta pero solo te preocupas por tu punto de vista mientras exiges respeto y no ofreces nada. Su libro de texto de hipocresía. Solo te importan los argumentos que apoyan el tuyo, que es un sesgo de confirmación de libro de texto. Eso me parece egoísta. No estoy tratando de insultarte, solo estaba haciendo observaciones. Si lo tomaste como un ataque personal, lo siento, esa no fue mi intención. Sin embargo, si veo fallas en su argumento, y las veo, las señalaré. La libertad de expresión no es libertad de consecuencias o condena.

    Of course I have no problem with the points of view or anything like that, but I only treat people as they treat others, here no one is inferior or superior and not that you did not was opinion was an order, see if you're more cuteloso at first think what you're going to write to avoid possible contradictions to yourself

  • wipe = half of the community will leave, the servers will be completely empty

    if half of the community leaves and it wasn't empty before, then the servers can not be empty after half of the community leaves. It's called common sense.

    True, the player base might drop a bit but if the client and the game has become stable and playable with no more exploits and a better system as promissed, the player base should increase after a few weeks.

  • there are people who can be boring stay crying and crying ended up losing or leaving the game and do not play anymore or stop crying and play again after cleaning. Not everything and how you want ...


  • # No Wipe <3:)

    Propaganda the best way to manipulate ppl ye? Rules re simple and if You re smart You should know what's true score. Btw can I know your IGN from the game? That's You spaming 24/7 on the chats about #NoWipe and scare ppl they ll lost all the progress without reason? Propaganda full.

    IGN : Maven, Zuzia

    Guild: PowerRangers

  • Is the irony that many of the accounts that voted no were bots lost on you?
    Look I get that you're annoyed at the possibility of a wipe but there is good reasons and they have been outlined served times throughout this thread.

    Perhaps you should approach Hardlock for the possibility of making one of the servers contain all the current accounts and have a fresh server for all the new changes but that said, if that were the case, the current state of the game is filled with exploits and buggers and a totally broken economy. People are calling you selfish because you care more about your own characters then the entirety of the game and its longevity. I know it sucks losing characters that you put time and effort into. Honestly I do, but this is a full version update. Version 2.0. When so many in the community are sick and tired of all the mess, so much so that over half want a server wipe, it might be better to look at the positives in wiping. I mean, the game will be fresh again. Fresh players, fresh economy, fresh guilds, new ranking.. Everyone gets a shot to be a top player rather then have to wade through all the garbage that clogs up the game currently. There is no sense either way in attacking the admins and mods who are just doing their jobs and if they are appeasing more then half the community, they're doing a good job.

    Perhaps Hardlock might want to consider giving players a new start package. Maybe like 100k zenny, 7 days of 50% extra exp or something like that. Boost the economy from the beginning and make it less difficult for people to climb back to where they were, even passed level 30. I mean even if 1/3 of the no votes are fake, there is a lot of people upset and maybe having some bonuses will help sooth the upset and if it were timed it would only be available for those who are current players or those that jump in as soon as v2.0 drops.

    Either way, I know you're annoyed man but there really isn't any broad sweeping solution mods can do to fix the current problems now that they've built up over time. I'm sorry for being a butt to you for what its worth.