Read Before Reporting A Bug

  • Hello,

    here are some rules to keep this forum as organized and clean as possible.

    1. Language:

    - Only english language. Thread written in another language will be deleted.

    2. Subject:

    - Make sure the Subject is short & detailed. As example "Game stucks when accepting a quest".

    3. Message:

    - Should contain detailed information about the issue & how to reproduce the issue. We can only fix issues, if we know how to reproduce them.

    - If possible, create a video and upload to

    4. Double Report:

    - Make sure you use the search function or read other threads to make sure you do not report an already reported issue.

    5. One Bug -> One Thread

    - Do not create a thread which contains multiple bugs. Create one thread for each bug, so it will be easier for everyone to see if a bug already has been reported.

    People that tend to break rules frequently will lose the access to post in this forum and the access to the development client/server as they just slow down our work.

    Thanks for reading and your understanding.