Worth leveling any character at this moment?

  • Pretty much title.

    Since i am a little bit cofused regarding when the wipe will happen. Say, for example, if i level a char to 30, i will have him at 30 after the wipe...but beyond that, is there a point? Everything has been decided right?

    Thanks in advance....i will miss my fighter, my turtle and my majin...

    P.s: Hoping the multi client will be disaled with the 2.0 client.

  • The only point in leveling is getting to level 30. There is no point. Any character at level 30+ will receive a lvl30 Up in the New Client

  • he says he thinks that probably everyone will get 1 lvl 30 up not multiple i guess this is what he means and i think no for each lvl 30 character u will receive one in my opinion and someone needs to confirm

  • If there is a server wipe, will we have rewards?

    Yes, if the wipe takes place, all of you will have the following rewards.

    If your character is level 30+ (at this stage), you will get a Level UP 30.
    If your character is level 30+ (at this stage), you will get your class passives (Guard, dash, RP charge & Flight).

    It says if your character is level 30+. Stating it for one of a kind character, meaning that you will get 1 for each seperate character who is lvl 30 now (in the official client, not the testing client).

    Since it does not mention any restrictions on characters you can have this box on per account you basicly can make any character lvl 30 at the moment and receive a lvl up box after the server reset on those same characters that are lvl 30 or above now.

    If not, they would be telling a lie or will try to avoid their lie by claiming they forgot to mention that they have stated this. I hope that this is not the case.

  • I myself have never used any, if it is the same as on orginal DBO then it would contain the following:

    a lvl up stone

    all of the passive skills (charge, dash, guard and flight)

    lvl 30 armour

    popo coin

    ticket +12

    info found here

    But it could also be that you'll not get a lvl up box, just start at lvl 30 with all the passives unlocked. As it is stated in this thread here

    I'll stop speculating though, the staff will know the true answer to this one.