[Guide] Class names (English, French, Spanish)

  • Good evening everyone,

    As we are translating the game into English, French and Spanish, I find it useful that the players have all the classes translated so as not to get lost among the players.

    You will find below a table with the class names in English, French and Spanish.

    Class Names (English) Noms des classes (French) Nombres de clase (Spanish)
    Martial Artist Artiste Martial Artista Marcial
    Spiritualist Spiritualiste Espiritista
    Fighter Combattant Luchador
    Swordman Épéiste Espadachin
    Crane Hermit Ermite Grue Ermitaño Grulla
    Turtle Ermit Ermite Tortue Ermitaño Tortuga
    Warrior Guerrier Guerrero
    Dragon Clan Clan du Dragon Clan Dragón
    Dark Warrior Guerrier Sombre Guerrero Oscuro
    Shadow Knight Chevalier de l'Ombre Caballero de la Sombras
    Dende Priest Prêtre Dendé Sacerdote Dende
    Poko Priest Prête Poko Sacerdote Poko
    Mighty Majin Puissant Majin Majin Poderoso
    Wonder Majin Merveilleux Majin Majin Maravilloso
    Ultimate Majin Majin Ultime Majin Definitivo
    Grand Chef Majin Grand Chef Majin Gran Majin
    Plasma Majin Majin Plasma Majin Plasma
    Karma Majin Majin Karma Majin Karma

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