Dragon Ball "fan made" story

  • Hi, I'm here to talk about a Youtube channel. I know it's not nice to do this kind of thing, but it's for a good cause. First, the channel is not mine, I found it on Twitter by looking in that "#myfirstTweet" (yeah, I do that sometimes). The channel is about creation of "fan made" anime stories, and as the first project is about Dragon Ball, I had to take a look (I'm a fan and anything about Dragon Ball have my attention). Despite still in the beginning, the story is quite interesting, but what really caught my attention was his profile on Patreon. The guy is literally me a few years ago! But this is not the point here. The thing is that this guy is risking everything in this kind of job, which is very difficult to spread these days. How many here didn't give up on your dreams because "it's not profitable". I always tried to win the lottery to help this kind of people who create stories, draw stuff and create games, I never won, but one day I surely will. Well, this is what I can do to help, I tried to spread his work, I did my part. I won't leave any link here because it's kind of toxic, but I will leave his Twitter and Patreon pages, where you can see all his informations. The name of his channel is "Too Loud!" by the way, but because it's new, it may be hard to find on Youtube.

    Twitter: @TooLoudChannel

    Patreon: /tooloud

    Thank you for your attention.