DBOG Founder Packs (Wipe)

  • Since hearing about the wipe of DBO I didn't like the idea, but I now realize the benefits of it and I'm actually kind of happy this is happening.

    I know the team will most likely not see this thread, but I just wanted to address this.

    Founder packs.

    We all know DBOG had promising rewards for founder packs but in the end, it didn't live up to the community expectations. Not to be offensive, but most of us found it a bit lazy to only re-design the dojo dogi. The team could of atleast re desgined the Vegito dogi or some high tier dogi for us Founders, but we got something completely non special in my opinion. The titles had no effects whether it was an aura or stat effect, and the only real useful thing out of it was the saiyan pod and/or the z32 bags.

    I'm not complaining, as I'm just suggesting, but there are too many dogis in the game for the team to design a free dogi for founders(who are rare in the game) and re color it for the different packs. No effort as if it was a last minute thing.

    There aren't many founders in the game in general so why does a title effect/aura hurt the community? (I know it depends on the stat effect, but a support stat like con/eng would be ok in my book) (this also would give the founder titles more worth to wear...because right now it has no value.)

    As the founder packs was just coming out for the first time, there were many of us that were hype, only to be let down with some dojo recolor dogi.

    Again, the only useful things in the pack were the saiyan pod/z32 bags, but most looked forward to the founder dogi.

    None of the items were tradeable and they are character bound, which I agree with (But I think it should be account bound...a lot of items really)

    (Not going to mention the poo pet. It is a nice addition, but it has no use at all. Looks the same as it evolves, and I believe it was thrown in last minute due to an item being removed?)

    I know some comments like "Oh, you're just making this forum because you're a founder and you want to be more special"

    Well, in a way you're right, but not exactly. I just want my money worth and I know DBOG can do wayyyyy better than what they did the first time.

    Like ..way better.

    As far as after wipe, I have some of the following questions:

    1.) I read something along the lines of keeping our character names. How will that work? Will we keep our character completely but they reset to lvl 1? Or are the names reserved?

    2.) What happens to all our hard earned cosmetics and stuff? For the people who attended events and earned special dogis do those go poof too? Or is there some reservation for that?

    3.) Will each character on your account above level 30 get a lvl stone ? Will it be tradeable or account/character bound?

    4.) How will the new upgrade/wagu machine work?

    Sorry for bad english and long typing :VV :*

  • 1simple reset to lvl 1

    2 if you buy cosmetics or cash item your get cashcoins back

    3 each char, i think it will get bound that you cant sell it

    4 gear upgrade is change at test server they cut away the long cards animation, chances should be still the same rates

    and i think there will be no wagu mashine anymore



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