Swordsman PVE Build

  • Hey everyone, I'm looking for a fun and effective SM build for PVE. I hear a lot of talk of energy builds with CD on Final Effort and would love to get everyone's opinion. The main thing I will be using my SM for is dragonball hunting, leveling and TMQs with my guild. Some of the builds listed haven't been updated in a really long time so I'm not sure if it is still viable what with the cap being 60.

  • Uh... There is no such thing like effective pve build. First thing, you should be warned about playing some classess like SM/Fighter. In dbo there is no such a thing like class flexibility, those classes are pure PvP and such they are useless in farm or DB Hunt. On other hand u can go some dungeons but you are not really that usefull. You should just choose something like turtle or ultima, turtle is superior in solo PVE and good in team pve. Overall you will be struggling with things you mentioned, seeing another sm/fighter next to your farming spot trying to kill those mobs is kinda sad but also too common because newbies just want be like goku/trunks xD

    Of course you can play this "pve" build, no one will force you if you like it and want to do it, just consider it a warning. Thats the first thing someone need to do- just warn you.

    If you consider it a good explanation but also you dont want to leave SM, just do it like its supposed to be: Make turtle, enjoy content, make this sweet zeni and gear your SM, get gud on arenas and go kick assess on pvp/budo