Fly Scroll Not Working

  • Yea okay so I looked in the Bug Thread and I didn't see this one. I made it to level 15 and got the mission to use the Fly Base Scroll but when using it, I still cannot fly using double tap jump or anything. Please help...

  • should someone make a new lvl 15 char to confirm that xD try relog or redo quest if you can it is only for you to test flying

    the real quest comes at lvl 30



    Du hast längst gemerkt

    Es ist noch lange nicht vorbei

    Du Weisst noch nicht

    Was kommen wird

    Sei bereit

  • Ahh Okay well I did retry the quest multiple times, and the regular Fly Scrolls don't work for me either. It's okay though maybe it will be fixed soon

  • In 2.0 you can buy the fly skill in cash shop.

    Characters 1.0

    18_small.png Zindel (Lvl 60)

    15_small.png SaibBoo (Lvl 60)

    11_small.png Isen (Lvl 60)

    22_small.png SabitaBoo (Lvl 60)

    14_small.png Pamaor (Lvl 60)

    19_small.png ThePamaor (Lvl 60)

    6_small.png SabiBoo (Lvl 29)

    17_small.png ???????? (Lvl 60)

    Characters 2.0 (Test)

    19_small.png ThePamaor (Lvl 70)

    11_small.png Isen (Lvl 70)

    15_small.png SaibBoo (Lvl 51)