Here comes a new mighty warrior !

  • Hello, I'm Sonedgehog and i'm new to the Dragon Ball Online Game. I didn't discover this until now when i try to research it are! I'm an French person so, sorry if i might be bad in the English language. So...Where to start? I'm an gamer, more like into the Remote Controller if this is an Racing Game, or anything except the FPS or something like these (Overwatch and in these games around) i go into the Keyboard for playing them. Uh...I'm an Saiyan Player on Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. uh...I got some social things if any of you wants to talk with me somewhere else. Here's:

    my Discord: Sonedgehog#2970

    my Twitch: Sonedgehog

    my Youtube: (inactive anymore since the COPPA comes for 2020, but you can still search me)

    my Twitter: Sonedgehog (not so active too)

    uh...and that's it? I don't know what i should talk about myself :D:D

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  • Yo Im Alfish06, and Im new to this game and the community, and Im struggling to see what I should say... I have Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, and I like Dragon Ball, and I mainly speak English, and a tiny piece of French.:)