Game skips or "pauses" every 30 seconds or so

  • I've played this game off and on since it was released but recently when I get on the game screen will "pause" and not move for about a second and a half. This does this about every 30 seconds. I have not changed anything on my computer. It all remains the same and never used to do this. Any advice?

  • everyone get it the game is a private server and the single developer stopped working on it soo we didnt get any updates since 2018

    if you wanna play it you just gonna have to do what most players do and downgrade your windows from windows 10 to windows 7

    that just how it is i'm not enjoying it either sometimes its really unplayble

  • It's normal. the best thing I can suggest this to disable your windows defender or whitelist it.

    -Beka, DBOG Team




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