A quick guide to completing all the Goku everyday missions in 84 wins

  • I've been seeing people suggesting doing 50 fights with 3 gokus, each of different colours, and then another 50 fights with the remaining two colours to complete all the Goku everyday missions, for a total of 100 fights.

    For those looking to finish all the missions in as least a number of fights as possible, here is an example of how you can complete all the missions in just 84 fights (the actual rotations of colours you use doesn't matter as long as it stays consistent with what's listed below):

    RGB - 25 fights RGP - 9 fights RPY - 9 fights RGY - 7 fights

    (At this point all the red missions should be completed)

    YPB - 25 fights

    (All blue missions will be completed at this point)

    YPG - 9 fights

    (All other missions should be completed at this point)

    Hopefully this will help people make the missions feel just a little bit less grindy