OOZARU MOON [English Guild]

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    Somewhere in Age 1000, a tribe of Humans started to reside near the Oozaru statue located in Moon Hill, South Mushroom Rocks. The statue was treated as a totem for this tribe and they shared strong beliefs in holding true to the pride of the lost Saiyan race. Over time they would undergo an awakening due to their dormant Saiyan cells coming to the surface. Now many Majins and Namekians have integrated into this group of warriors as they aid in the on-going war against the Narak. These proud forces came to be known as Oozaru Moon.


    If you're looking for a laidback but still active guild full of awesome and unique people from different parts of the world, then this may be the guild for you. A lot of us were originally part of the PlanetStriders guild that was founded by Zaji back in 2018. OozaruMoon is the successor guild to that one lead by Son that closed down in 2020 and has recently re-opened as of 2022. Join us and participate in Ultimate Dungeons, TMQs, and of course CC Battle Dungeon! While we may seem very Human/Saiyan themed, we welcome Namekians and Majins too. Upon joining you will get access to our discord server with class roles, support guides, server commands and much more. To become a part of our Dragon Ball family, post your character name in a reply. We will respond as soon as we can.


    • Be respectful and considerate to fellow guildmates.

    • Freedom of expression is supported and should also be respected.

    • Inactivity beyond a year without notice may result in removal.

    • Do not continuously ask/beg for power leveling or items.

    • Any form of racism or discrimination will not be tolerated.

    • You can join this guild with any level character. Currently accepting 3 characters per player.

    • You should be able to speak at least moderate English.


    Guild Master: uUjlvVA.png Son

    Jr. Guild Master: uUjlvVA.png Zaji85

    Jr. Guild Master: oJ5awdI.png Shakurro

    Jr. Guild Master: s37wtyq.png Kokyuu


    [ A collection of various screenshotted guild memories. Some are older and some are newer. Most of them are from back when we were under our previous guild title. This is nowhere near all of them that exist. Just a few that have been compiled together. ]

    We hope to see you in Oozaru Moon! Reply with your character name to request to join!

  • if you are in 2.0 client I would like to join you guys, Im trying to make a crit turtle, im lvl 55, and I would to party with other people. Im XandruClawS

    Hi there. We're not currently established on the 2.0 client. We were before but the data got reset on it. As of right now there is no plan to recreate the guild on 2.0. Thanks for your interest in joining and you're always welcome to join us on 1.0 if you wish to.

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