Poko priest PVE summon build.

  • Hello i had a outdated guide and cant seem to access it anymore, i see alot of poko priest pve guides and im not hard core into maxing out my self for end game as im pretty casual due to work/ family. so would somone know a viable Poko priest build that lets me utalize the summoings with points in either of them maxed.

  • Hi,

    I am currently using this build, and it seems good for both PvE and PvP, but without any AoE attacks. Only 1v1 for PvE. But advantage with High Attk Speed.


    I use the Poko Land Dragon, to take Tank and distract large group of mobs, in case the mobs call for help.

    make sure, you are havin Attk Speed stat on both Staff & Gem.

    I also use the Land dragon to take Agro of Boss/Ultra, I also use both Kami's Blitz and Kami's Awakening on the Land Dragon, to make it more effective killer, when i m playing alone.

    Hope this helps.