A Dragon ball online Israeli Forum

  • Hello guys my name is Jacob Nahmani im from israel im playing Dragon Ball Online with my friends and im really found of this game (my cac is lvl 35 as for now) and i always thought to myself why there any israelis like me and my friends here?! becouse the Dragon Ball commounity in Israel is quite large so i looked up and found there is no such thing as a Dragon Ball Israel Forum here and also no one in Israel even knows about this game so as my duty as a Dragon Ball Online fan im pruposing to open a Forum.

  • As my friend Elad said we are very inspired by the way this community brought Dragon Ball Online back to life and we are willing to strengthen this community by raising awareness in the Dragon Ball Israel community about all of this, although we are just teenagers we have been gifted with the famous Israeli ambition and foresight and we are eager to take part in it, so who can we talk to in order to get everything started?