Done some tweaking - lag info.

  • Hello,

    First off, my PC specs

    16gb ram



    Z170-A PRO (MS-7971) Motherboard

    WIN10 verison is on 250GB M2 SSD disc

    WIN 7 version is on really fast, brand new 1tb HDD (it's good for world of warcraft BFA, so it should be more than enough for DBO)

    So, i've tested 2 Windows versions.

    Win 10 pro

    Win 7 pro

    Both 64 bit versions.

    Both updated fully, with newest GeForce drivers

    On win 10 performance was neat, but when "in the wild" leveling areas, or in cities it was giving me this "windows 10 lag" every few seconds or meters game just lags, then starts again quickly recapping what happened kinda

    On other hard disk I've installed Win 7 pro and tested DBO and everything was flawless, no lags running around, leveling was decent, but! and it really annoyed me, when i entered starting saiyan village, game had enormous FPS drop, like loading new textures/characters and there were all npcs and 10-15 people, really slowed performance, but when i was already in that area, and it was "loaded (probably)" performance was better.

    The win 7 results are weird because, back in the day when i played on Korean closed beta and official release and in HK and TW version and with less advanced rig performance was good

    Also, can anyone suggest what to do with WIN7 version to not to have it lag in the cities? I'm really FPS fragile, and it annoys me like hell when fps falls so much in the city, it should not be like that when i run witcher 3 on 60 fps, but i lag with 15 characters in city from a 2007-like (on graphical level) game

  • Hello. I don't know if it will help you, but It definately helped me.

    I run win7, so what I did was that whenever I opened the client/game I clicked ctrl+shift+esc and then found dbog.exe under the second tab and set its "Priority" to at least High.

    Most of the mmo games are cpu dependant and even if you have a 3000$ gpu it won't help you, when the cpu has a hard time proccessing stuff all-together. So increasing it's priority will definately skip some other lower priority stuff and work on dbo more.

    Tell me how it went :)