Reset server

  • Just visited 2.0 after like half of year and game still crash when alt + tab, no sounds in game + sometimes crash when taking exp boost from cash shop.
    Good work rotating camera with mouse work.



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  • I thought I would find something, but it is the same as they have been saying for 1 year, and if there should be changes in 1.0 for the simple fact that they are still selling Cash.

  • Don't bother waiting for updates. The important devs of DBO gave up. Daneos will return to update game when he needs more $$$. Or maybe he will announce shutdown.

  • No te molestes en esperar actualizaciones. Los desarrolladores importantes de DBO se dieron por vencidos. Daneos volverá a actualizar el juego cuando necesite más $$$. O tal vez él anunciará el cierre.

    :( reading that makes new players think about leaving :(

  • :( reading that makes new players think about leaving :(

    Don't worry, there are many DBO private servers being made. Hopefully those servers won't be racist, fraud and cheating their donators/playerbase.

    This server is fun to play if you DO NOT PAY

    It is a very Pay2Win MMO. A lot of whales spend $5k+ and still don't even have the best items in game because the game is designed to keep you losing like in a casino. Wait for Daneos to fix these problems, then play this game.