Buffer / CC Battle Dungeon

  • Hi Comunity

    I want so suggess something, because i think, that i am not alone with this.

    The change, that you lose all the buffs, if you enter a dungeon is...:/ ok, we no need speaking this topic, it is, like it is8o.

    I only want to suggess, that (i hope) you change this for the CC Battle Dungeon.

    If you enter the CC Dungeon, and all buffs are removed, that will be fine.

    But why got the buffs remove, if the Buffer leaves, or disconnect?

    Other player cant enter the CC Dungeon,...8| so it is other like Cell or Bacterian.

    As ist was for me, we 3 or 4 times now lose against a boss that we could beat:cursing:, becuase the buffer got disconnect.

    I hope that other player like this suggestion too, because there is no disadvantage for the buffer-player if this got chanced.

    You will need a buffer anyway :thumbup: (enter = Buffs got removed / Finish,DC or leave = Buffs stay [other player cant go inside the cc dungeon]).

    Thx a lot

  • Well back a few years ago, people would only use buffers as a main support class. Meaning you can buff your team without having to bring the buffer in your party and your buffs would be kept while entering any BID, TMQ, UD, etc. But now that they changed it and buffer are usually a requirement, all buffs will be gone to make sure you’re not just using them as a support class, or making them sit outside the dungeon or anything like that.


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  • Yes, this is why i suggess, that the Buffs did not get removed if the Buffer leaves only for the CC Battle Dungeon or TMQ's.

    In CC, you cant invite other Player if you have startet,... not like UD`s.

    Not all Player have +14,15 (now), so this Player have a disadvantaged if the Buffer got DC.

    I help much of these Player, so i know what i am talking about.

    Even if i cant understand this Change exaxtly… it`s the game now, and i have to live with that…

    But the reason you mention before, we cant applicable for TMQ and CC