Day & night mode?

  • Hello dear DBOG Team,

    In some MMO games there is a day and night mode and with weather conditions.

    How about integrating something like this into DBOG?

    In addition, you could still migrate a time or chat that other players from other countries know when the events are taking place.

    It would be nice if a day and night system would find a way into the game in DBOG.

    In German

    Hallo liebes DBOG Team,

    In manchen MMO Spielen gibt es ja ein Tag und Nacht Modus und mit Wetterverhältnisse.

    Wie wäre es wenn man so etwas in DBOG mit rein intigrieren würde?

    Zusätzlich könnte man eine Uhrzeit noch mit rein intigrieren oder im Chat das auch andere Spieler die aus anderen Ländern kommen wissen wann zu welcher Uhrzeit die Events statt finden.

    Es wäre schön wenn ein Tag und Nacht System einen weg ins Spiel finden würden in DBOG.

  • A day and night mode could be put in because there is something like that in many mmo games.

    Sure in Dragonball there was no day and night the sky was only dark when shenlong was called but since it is a mmo game I would not think it bad if there would be day and night

  • its a nice idea i think it would give the game alot more to look at.

    Imagine once they add "HOPEFULLY" Kamis Lookout and you have mr.popo kami Dende piccolo etc. there at night with star animations.

    That would be dope and see the sunrise come etc. imagine they can pull it off if they want to

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  • The day and night system should of course only be inserted on certain maps on Namek or Dark Namek it would of course make no sense since it is always bright on Namek unless the dragon is summoned with Dragonballs.