[EN] Patch Notes - 2020-12-13 - Wipe Patch!

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    Hey Everyone,

    The wipe is finally here! Here are the patch notes for the pre-wipe patch.


    PvP Changes

    • Moved all budo dogi rewards to the winner's clothes vendor
    • Removed Murasaki, Kami, and Yamcha dogis from the winner's clothes vendor
    • Ranked battle rewards 1000 Mudosa points to winners, 0 to losers
    • New PvP rewards have been added to the vendors in Mudosa Village

    New PvP Rewards

    ItemCost In Mudosa Points
    Dinosaur Steak250
    Leaves of Youth250
    Eye-Lighting Candy250
    Energy Club Drink
    Heaven's Water250
    Excellent Buttermilk250
    U6 Stones150000
    U16 Stones160000
    U26 Stones170000
    U38 Stones180000
    U46 Stones190000
    Silver Box40000
    100% 1 Day XP Boost Level 1-3040000
    100% 1 Day XP Boost Level 31-5050000
    100% 1 Day XP Boost Level 51-7060000
    Neon Fuel40000
    Krypton Fuel50000
    Xenon Fuel60000
    Kid Clock250000
    Wagu Coin x140000
    Wagu Coin x5180000
    Wagu Coin x10320000
    Flight Skills250000
    Skill Capsules500000
    CBT Boxes750000
    Casual Majin Outfit150000
    Light Saibaman Armor150000
    Butterfly Wings150000
    Invincible Armor Outfit C200000
    Invincible Armor Outfit B250000
    Iron Knight250000
    Silver Star #8 Green150000
    Floating Turtle #1150000
    Speed Kangaroo #1200000
    Mini Bunny Bus Purple200000
    Speeding Beast #2250000

    New Token Rewards

    ItemCost In Token Points
    Dinosaur Steak25
    Leaves of Youth25
    Eye-Lighting Candy25
    Energy Club Drink25
    Heaven's Water25
    Excellent Buttermilk25
    500k LP/EP Autopots5000
    Popo Stone Capsule2500
    High Level Pet Food300
    Pet Rise Peanut400
    Pet Seal Box400
    Bean of Forgetfulness300
    100% 1 Day XP Boost Level 1-302500
    100% 1 Day XP Boost Level 31-505000
    100% 1 Day XP Boost Level 51-707500
    Neon Fuel2500
    Krypton Fuel5000
    Xenon Fuel7500
    Kid Clock10000
    Gender Changer10000
    Wagu Coin x11000
    Wagu Coin x54500
    Wagu Coin x108000
    Flight Skills2500
    Skill Capsules5000
    CBT Boxes7500
    Casual Majin Outfit2500
    Light Saibaman Armor2500
    Butterfly Wings5000
    Invincible Armor Outfit C5000
    Invincible Armor Outfit B7500
    Iron Knight7500
    Silver Star #8 Green2500
    Floating Turtle #12500
    Speed Kangaroo #15000
    Mini Bunny Bus Purple5000
    Speeding Beast #27500

    New Honeybee Changes

    • Bees now have a 20% chance to spawn during the Bee event
    • Bees now always drop honey
    • Honey can now be converted between types at the Event Trader

    New Honeybee Rewards

    ItemCost In Honey Blocks
    100k LP/EP Autopots50 Small Honey
    300k LP/EP Autopots50 Medium Honey
    500k LP/EP Autopots50 Huge Honey
    CCBD Level 31 Ticket50 Small Honey
    CCBD Level 61 Ticket50 Medium Honey
    CCBD Level 91 Ticket50 Huge Honey
    Silver Boxes50 Huge Honey
    Stinger Armor99 Huge Honey

    New Wagu Changes

    • All mobs can now drop Wagu coins

    Drop Rates For Wagu Coins

    Mob Type% Chance For Wagu Coin To Drop

    New Wagu Rewards

    • Kid Clock
    • Gender Change
    • Name Change
    • Guild Name Change
    • Flight Skills
    • Skill Capsules
    • CBT Boxes
    • 100k, 300k, 500k Autopots
    • Neon, Krypton, Xenon Fuels
    • 100% 1 Day XP Level 1-30, 31-50, 51-70 Scrolls
    • Pet Food
    • Pet Seal Kit
    • Pet Rise Peanut
    • Bean of Forgetfulness

    New Tradable Items

    • Flight Skills
    • Passive Skills
    • Skill Capsules
    • CBT Boxes
    • Lvl Up 25
    • Lvl Up 30
    • Lvl Up 33
    • Silver Boxes
    • Wagu Coins
    • CC Coins
    • Popo Stone Capsule
    • Resurrect Popos
    • Silver Star #8 Green
    • Floating Turtle #1
    • Speed Kangaroo #1
    • Mini Bunny Bus Purple
    • Speeding Beast #2
    • 100k, 300k, 500k LP/EP Autopots
    • Name Change
    • Guild Name Change
    • Kid Clock
    • Gender Changer

    Misc Changes

    • All Stones are Legendary ranked items now
    • CC Dogi Ball rewards have been replaced with Silver Boxes
    • Brown Boxes in the level 44 Popo Gift have been replaced with Silver Boxes
    • Flight/Passive level requirements reduced to 1
    • Training Gi dogis added to starter items, VIP boxes, and CBT boxes


    • Fixed a bug preventing the Wagu leaderboard from displaying
    • Fixed a bug preventing Wagu coins in the cash shop from being moved
  • Damn, now i'm forced to do PvP. Cool thing we can get the same stuff through Tokens but ain't nobody got time for dat.

    This is a Signature. Thanks for reading.

    You learned nothing.

    Wasted your time.

    Also thanks for reading all the way

    down here.

    Enjoy the emoticon.


    *got f*cked hard by Upgrading on July 8th 2018*


  • hi verdant, great work i love all the new features,but i have a problem,i had 4 dragon balls in my inventory before the wipe,now i don't have them, is there something i can do?

    There is new dragon ball system, 24/7, 1% chance to respawn killed mob with DB icon, and 100% drop chance. Yesterday i grind 30-31,5 level and i dropped 2 db, so fast enough if You grind.

  • Hey Arwe,

    That's the idea! I wanted players to be able to easily get z32. That sale is only running temporarily though. There are some issues with windows 10 for some players. There's a download guide on https://discord.dboglobal.to that can help mitigate some of the freezes, and there's a thread here on the forum that can help. The players say the 20h2 update for windows 10 also helps. Can you try those?

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