League of legends farming

  • I´ve been playing league of legends, and i noticed that there are some champions what have a facility to farming, it happens because they have a passive that gives them 50%, 150% and 200% damage against mobs and minions, and i was thinking, if Verdant put this in dbog, for classes that have difficult to farming like Dark Warrior, Shadow Knight, or even dende, fighter, sword and poko, it could be cool because... come on, a lot of people dont like spend too much time farming, just for increases level or even zeni... i hope u guys enjoy the idea, it will be helpfull for all of us have have more fun in the game. Thanks.

  • Farming in League of Legends is not frankly about last hitting every minion accurately. It's about accurately catching, pushing, crashing, and bouncing waves to grow the number of waves you obtain. Merely farming a wave and letting it slowly push out denies you several waves of the farm that you could have gotten. Pros manage to have more vision down and push more safely. They also fight much less, so they naturally spend more time farming. I have learned this from a Youtube video and the script I have been using lol-script. Sadly, I am still not that good at it yet.

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