Reduction price of the craft prices

  • Hi, after some research, I found out that to reach lvl 35 of crafting takes 72kk, those prices were doable in the TW Server, but in Global, they are a little higher. Right now isn't a bother because the increase price is exponential, but in the future would be a bad thing xD

    I left this pic to show how monstrous it is the change, there is more info about it in #game-info in Discord :3



  • tbh craft lvl never been a issue lmao

    in pob even in start of ob people sold cash items to make zeni easy

    pob kid clock went for like 100kk+ all those kid clock we have now is kinda meh but it had its time to shine on AH and make easy zeni for us people who don't care so much about zeni after hitting max lvl on crafting lmao

    ngl zeni is useless only thing that the zeni was worth getting is to use it to buy stones but now the stones system changes and price will mostlikely be low as it is currently so meh

  • What? So, you recognized that in this server everything is cheaper. And the craft system is still important, and people who can't do zeni that fast will find the price of crafting to expensive in this system, and now that the upgrade items can be crafted, most people will go dive into the crafting system

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