How to start in dbog as a newbie

  • Hello, if you are here reading this post you're probably new to the game.

    First of all, let's start off with what class you should play.

    - If you want to create a human character, I recommend you to start off with a Spiritualist (far-range attack class). If you prefer close-range attack classes, play Martial Artist. But Spiritualist is better, however, you can play Martial Artist, but it'll take a bit more time to level up.

    - If you want to create a namek character, I recommend you to start off with a warrior (close-range attack class). Dragon Clans (far-range attack class) are cool, but, it takes some time to kill a single mob. Warriors after level 16 have better skills to kill mobs faster.

    - If you want to create a majin character, you can start off with whichever one you're more interested in, since both mighty (close-range) and wonder (far-range) are both good to start off with. Mighty Majins are usually preferred more, because of the spins which is better & faster to kill mobs than Wonder skills.

    Did you decide what classes you want to play? Next step, you have to pick a channel then you get the option to start the tutorial or not. You can do the tutorial for learn about the controls. Then after you finish the tutorial, (if you did) you will get moved to a place where you'll get your first quest, which'll teach you how to use the scouter. After you complete that quest, you'll get another quest being asked to kill 3 mobs. After you finish that quest, you'll be sent to your first game village. (Humans = Kokkara Village, Majins = Beh Village, Nameks = Snail Village)

    As you level, you can continue questing, but I recommend you grind to kill mobs until level 10. This way you'll receive tokens while grinding as well, and also when you open your popo gift box, you'll get nice items like: vehicles, 100% exp boosters, pots, inventory space capsules, etc.

    When you reach level 4 will pop-up a message saying you have a quest for you to do your first TLQ (Time Leap Quests). The pop-up will pinpoint where you need to go. The first TLQ will send you to Grandpa Gohan's timeline, the day where he found Goku. He will teach you Charge Skill. The skill where you can learn how to get RPs (Rage Points. RPs gives a little boost on your skills to give special abilities like KD (Knockdown), extra damage, extra duration, etc). After you finish the TLQ, leave the portal. You have 2 more TLQs after Charge.

    One at Level 9, for get Guard/Counterattack, where you have help Ox-King find Chichi, plus save ChiChi from dinosaurs.

    The other at Level 14, where you are sent to the World Martial Arts Tournament when the Z-Fighters are checking out Piccolo. You have to help Chichi find where Goku is. In the end, you will learn the skill dash (a skill that lets you walk faster pressing W 2x, or double clicking with mouse).

    At level 7-8 or 9, (depends on the race) you can join a game dungeon that will give you quests until you reach level 20 (Every race has a different dungeon. Humans = Yahoi Fortress, Majin = Splish Splash Sewer, Namek = Dragon Cave North).

    After that, you will need to do quests until you reach level 21. Then you will need to go to Korin Forest. Go do quests until you are level 22, then you can try to party up and fight in UD1 (Ultimate Dungeon 1). If you cant do it, just keep doing quests. By level 25, you can try TMQ1 (Time Machine Quest) that gives a good amount of exp and gears.

    You can keep doing quests or grind until level 30. At level 28-29, you'll start getting some quests that'll send you to RP1 (Red Ribbon HQ Ruins. A dungeon that's the same for all races. After level 21+, all the races go to the same maps (Korin Forest is the start of the different races combining together.)).

    Adult/Master Class Quest

    Once you reach level 30, you have to do Adult Quest. You first have to unlock Korin Tower. In order for this to happen, you have to talk with a npc (Aizi, who is by Korin Tower teleporter). He should have a quest called, "Korin Village Evidence of Theft". You'll take this quest and you go to City Gateway, and talk to a npc named Velmer. Deliver it, accept her chain quest which she'll ask you to kill 10 Boars. After you finish it deliver it, she will send you to Great Tree to talk to another npc named Gila, who will send you to Korin Tower. After you did that, you've officially unlocked Korin Tower! However, you have to break a box (Item Box) to get a quest item (Korin Tribe Spell) so it can start Adult Quest. (The box is around pasta watchtower, korin fishing village, at the middle of the bridge that leads you to Korin Tower, around the tower have one under a tree with 3 squirrels, and many other places. If someone broke the box before you, just change channels and it will stay there). After get the item & right click the quest item, you deliver the quest to Hada, (who is also by Korin Tower teleporter) and go talk to Shelia (at Korin Tower) to get inside Korin Tower. YOU MUST HAVE INVENTORY SPACE IN ORDER TO GET THE HOLY WATER ITEM FROM KORIN & YOUR SUBCLASS QUEST ITEM QUEST OR IT WILL FAIL OR NOT WORK. You also CANNOT do your Subclass Quest until you finish your Adult Quest. You CANNOT do Flight Quest until you finish Adult & Subclass Quest.

    Which are the Sub classes?

    Now that you've finished adult, subclass, flight, you can really enjoy the game.

    For Martial Artist you can choose: Fighter or Swordsman.

    • Fighter is a class that uses a stick to inflict damage, as this class has the highest game DPS, which they can do a lot of damage. They also have cool skills like Instant Transmission, and Ghost Kamikaze Attack.

    • Swordsman is a class that uses a sword to inflict damage, as this class has a very nice DPS that can do series of combos during matches. This class requires a lot of practice. It has cool skills & animations like Burning attack, and Multiple Sword Slash.

    For Spiritualist you can choose: Turtle or Crane Hermit.

    • Turtle Hermit is a class that uses a wand to inflict damage. It's one of the best farmer classes, and best human farm class to farm with. Turtles have very nice AoE (Area of Effect) which with the right equips, you can one shot normal mobs at lv45+. They have Super & Giant kamehameha, and Destructo Disk as their main skills.

    • Crane is a class that uses a fan to inflict damage. They're very good to decreases bosses with high LP by using his debuffs, healing themselves & gaining RP, plus using DoT skills (Damage over time) to do much more damage against mobs and their opponents. They're also very nice in PvP with their bleeds and knockdown spam.

    For Warriors you can choose: Dark Warrior or Shadow Knight.

    • Dark Warrior is a class that uses a claw for inflict damage, since this class the best game farmer by far. DW is OK until you reach level 50. DW uses debuffs that can get full aggro with just that 1 skill. Sometimes they can one shot mobs.

    • Shadow Knight is a class that uses an axe for inflict damage. This class is by far the best PvP class in game, as they have a lot of debuffs (e.g., can steal their opponents LP, decreases your defense, and also has a debuff where every time your opponent uses a skill, (while they still have the debuff) their lp decreases by a certain amount.) SKs can also decrease your opponents energy attacks, and they have 3 types of stuns: 2 AoEs, and an aggro debuff. SKs are not the best for farm, but they're better than many. SKs bold strike can inflict bleed along with debuffs, which can do a lot of damage to you.

    For Dragon Clans you can choose: Dende or Poko Priest.

    • Dende Priest is a class that uses a scroll to heal and give buffs to his allies. They're the games healer, and they're a very nice class if you like to heal. Dendes are useful in both PvP and PvE.

    • Poko Priest is a class that uses his gems to give buffs. Poko in the actual balance is acceptable for PvE, but the worst class if you want PvP with. While Poko has cool skills like pets and very nice debuffs to do dungeons with, they also has some heals which they can help the team out but they don't have good skills to farm.

    For Mighty Majins you can choose: Ultimate or Grand Chef Majin.

    • Ultimate Majin is a class that uses a trumpet to buff and inflict damage. They give buffs that are based on your attack/defense, plus they can farm very good. They're the best class for starters if you want play in easy mode. At moment in PvP, they just main 5v5 because they can remove debuffs, and give good buffs. But in 1v1, hes tanker but lacks hit rate and damage.

    • Grand Chef Majin is a class that use their club to buff and inflict damage. Chef buffs are like ultimate, but their buffs are more based on your max LP and your hit rate/dodge. They have nice skills for PvE like Candy Ball, which turns chefs into a ball to kill mobs. However, chefs lacks damage in PvP. But they have a skill that can remove your opponents EP. If you like to play PvE, they're acceptable, but in PvP they're OK.

    For Wonder Majins you can choose: Karma or Plasma Majin.

    • Karma Majin is a class that use a mask to inflict damage, and also prevents your enemy from attacking. They're nice in PvE. Not the best, but good enough. They have movement and attack buffs that are good for dungeons. For PvP they can stays stunning the opponent the entire match, doing a lot of damage.

    • Plasma Majin is a class that use Drums to inflict damage. They're good for farm like karma, but doesn't have the buffs that karma has for dungeons. They're not good for PvP 1v1, but one of the best classes for 5v5. Plasma are by far the most needed, as they can carry the match if you know how to play with it. Their debuffs are good to keep your enemy stunned. Plasma have nice AoE knockdowns skills and confusion. They also have a buff to give anti stuns.

    Note:If you want to skip to level up 30 with Fly and TLQs you can just ask someone to give you a CBT Box Capsule,but u still have to do Master Class.

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