Question regarding some gui files

  • Hi Guys ,

    So I just wanted to know what is the purpose of the files which ends with the below extensions :

    1) *.rsr

    2) *.srf

    3) *.frm

    Also where I can find these files ? I see a use if these files inside the client code (So based to what I understand there, its related basically to every GUI inside the game)

    I am trying to fix the Pet System and I need these files which are related to the Mascot system.

    Thanks in advance

  • Hey theoddprince,

    You're going to want to unpack the client and then you'll have access to those files to see what they're all about. You can find programs to unpack the client on ragezone!

    Yes I have figured it out :) , I am trying to create the dlgMain for the Pet system , for some reason it shows it in white and not showing the texture , it shows a white rectangle as the background after I set the Surface , so basically it loaded the correct one but without any textures (It is so annoying ) .

  • You can do it!

    I do not see anyone active in this forum , I thought it was supposed to help to make the game alive again and contribute in fixing the client.

    Apparently I was only dreaming :D .

    There are no discussions about coding or problems in game other than waiting for Daneos to fix the client issues as I see in most comments .

    I am trying to understand how the client works but for sure it will take me a lot of time to get it .

  • Everyone thinks there is a lot of money to be made, so nobody shares their knowledge. The truth is that running a server is hard, and the people who can do it are very secretive with their knowledge because they want to remain competitive. I'm sorry buddy.

  • well , first this is sad , second I think these people are also dreaming because even if they want to make money from that ,then the company who made the game can sue them for copyrights(It will be big damage).

    Third there are a lot of big companies today with way advanced technologies with better graphics.

    I would say making something work in this game and understand the structure of it can be a good advantage for the CV in case you think to work in the gaming industry ,or to create something for your own as a startup.

    But to be that secretive for a game which even is not their own , I would say this what define kids .

    Anyways good luck to everyone .

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