Chuya and Rinder Retirement!

  • Hey Everyone,

    It's with a heavy heart that I have to announce that Chuya and Rinder have retired from the team to focus on themselves and their families, and to get some time away from DBO. They're still part of the family and welcome back anytime, and we all wish them the best going forward! It hurts to see team members move on, but it is inevitable that everyone has to shift focus to other things eventually, and there's nothing more important than taking care of yourself and your family. They're welcome back anytime as friends, teammates, and players, and we're going to continue to be great friends outside DBO! Thank you so much for all your hard work and sacrifice Chuya and Rinder, DBOG would never have made it this far without you!


  • Indeed friends :(, and we missing you lots already! :( but we understand and thank you so much for everything, for your hard work, for your big efforts and everything you kindly did for everyone!!! ;(, we really appreciate it!! ;(.. Best wishes, We love you lot's and wish you and everyone the best today and always!!<3.. Please stay good you and everyone friends!!!!, blessings!!!! <3, anything wer here friends like friend Verdant kindly said! ;(<3 , we will do best for you and everyone friends!;(<3 we love you lots!!;(<3.. Srry for English ><!!..

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