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  • Hello!
    I want just to suggest something about the game:

    Can we have more expire time? Maybe have the option to leave on Auction House for 7 days or 24 hours (depends of choose) but more extra expire options:/
    - While searching the items, cause periods-commas and colons the search is null - Can we have a improvement on search bar?

    Sorry if something related to this was already posted buutt I was lazy to scroll down!:/8)

  • I agree with the expire time getting increased will be more comfy since sometimes we have to put everything the next day and usually things don't get sold very fast, also good benefit is that if the time is increased more items will be available for purchase cuz i know some players get lazy to put everything to sell again and end up not posting the items one more time

    About searching certain items it is true that even by right clicking the item (to get the full name of item copied on the AH serach bar) it shows up an error that the characters are not able to be used or something like that

    I'm thinking that I know they are small details but they will help to those who dedicate to play a lot, or very often. Thank u for the time ofc and effort to make things better for this community

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