Feedback from whole the game at this point

  • Hey! most of pople knows me, and the people who don't know who i am, well i'm Neku a regular player from the game and i'm going to share my feedback of the game at this point 8th of november so, here i go:

    Leveling: Well the leveling doing quest sometimes got spikes of difficult, depends of the race of course but generally some quest are difficult to be done alone (maybe do a little rework to see the difference of quest should be great)

    PVE Content: Well, as Grinder player i'm going to say, there are some problems especially with stunts/paralysis at least the monsters in the open world should be reduced by about 50% or maybe a little more, dungeons and CC should be done different, Drops from DB Hunting is good no need change for that at least for me, maybe increase a little Rare drops or something (speaking of gear)

    PVP Content: Not a big fan of PVP never done Budokai/Ranked yet, but Scramble needs a rework or something (maybe do scramble on a Little island whit Open PVP Map for 2.0) and maybe reglular stats (a Cap for make it more equal to be based more on skills and gear more specifics for PVP)

    Wishes: Maybe some wishes make it more insteresting, and Dragon Buffs for me bust me a passive not a active skill (it could break PVP that's why i think PVP must be capped) and Legendary Items from scramble MAAAYBE be a Tier 2 drops from this wishes (for make it less difficult to get ready to CC) and make tier 3 Big more interesting (No, No Super Saiyan 2 for example just to be clear)

    Events: I love grind i really love, but is annoying kill mobs level 20 (for example this event) and take gear level 20, maybe for that monsters may not drop gear, just event drop and kits

    Dungeons/TMQ: Make it more interesting (Gear sets whit unique stats) and we know the UD3 Problem sooo no more explanation of that

    Atributtes: Should be removed, i don't like this sciccors,paper and stone game and more on PVP.

    Crafting: Just Little expensive every else is good and maybe add craftable dogis just maybe

    Upgrade system: I like it, hard and feels good when you reach +15 whit a High end gear

    Bounty System: I must be clear, it's a good idea needs a more work on that, when i think doing bounty now i'm not really happy to do it just i skipped it

    And that's it for now this is my Feedback right now on the game maybe, there's something i missed but this what i think at the moment and i invite the people leave more feedback here, and maybe speak about what you think about my feedback on discord, see you guys! <3

  • Some of them sounds really cool and the feedback is a beauty thing to give to the community. Yet I can't confirm anything since I play yes and nope: but atleast from a player as you your feedback makes voice around! 8)

    Make sure to leave some of them on suggestion section on forum so our team will look onto them!

    Good job Neku x')

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