[EN] Patch Notes - 2022-03-12 - Event Update!

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    Hey Everyone,

    It's been a little while since we've posted patch notes, and you're about to see why! This patch is huge, it took us a very long time to get everything created/sorted/tested for it. We hope you enjoy all the new changes and features!


    Event Reward System

    The new event reward system is here! During staff events like boss fights and fight night each player will get an Event Coin reward per round. You have a chance to get 1, 5, or 10 Event Coins per round. The Event Coins can be consumed to be used in the Event Machine, which contains all the event cosmetics from the Halloween, Christmas, Bunny, Fairy, Honeybee, and Summer events. You can also trade the Event Coins to Kaeran in Korin Village for the normal staff event rewards like autopots and silver boxes if you don't want to consume them. Using the Event Machine grants Wagu Points for the WP Shop, and grants progress toward the Gambler title track. Event Coins also drop from the event mobs during all the previously listed events. Coins can drop from normal mobs during the events too, but the event mobs have a higher drop rate. Each Event Coin dropped or round participated in a staff event also grants one point toward the new Event title track, which increases the drop rate for Event Coins during events! Event Coins can also be purchased in the Cash Shop, but the Cash Shop Event Coins do not grant points toward the title, and cannot be traded to Kaeran. They can only be used to get cosmetics from the Event Machine, and cost the same amount of Cash Points as Wagu Coins. Additionally, the biggest Fish from the Fairy Event now drop Event Coins instead of Fairy Handbags. Use the @events command to track your progress on the event titles!

    New Event Titles

    TitleEvent Coins/Rounds RequiredEvent Coin Drop Rate Bonus
    Spirit of Events625040%

    The winners of the naming contest for the new titles are Ippoo, Majpaj, and Qyusu! Please see me for your in game rewards. Event Coin bonuses for PvP events like 2x Ranked are still in development.

    Event Machine Items

    • Mini Bunny Buses
    • Aloha Shorts
    • Swimsuits
    • Goggles
    • Devil Outfit
    • Mummy Outfit
    • Monster Carrot Outfit
    • Rabbit Mask/Rabbit Corps Uniform
    • Bulma Bunny Outfits/Bunny Ears
    • Bunny Helmet
    • Pumpkin Hats
    • Jingle Village Outfits/Hats
    • Santa Outfits/Hats
    • Butterfly/Hail/Fairy Wings
    • Firecracker Backpack
    • Baba's Outfit
    • Gothic Suit
    • Polar Bear Outfit
    • Warm Sweater/Nami Knit Cap/Warm Fur Coat
    • Swimming Outfits
    • Cowboy Dogis
    • Hockey Mask
    • CC Sentinel Outfits
    • Surfboards
    • Roshi Summer Outfits
    • Ghost/Ghostgrabber Outfits/Backpacks/Hats
    • Reindeer Outfit/Hat
    • Honeybee Outfit/Vehicles
    • Devil Wings/Weathered Devil Wings
    • Fairy Princess Outfit
    • Carrot Backpacks

    Kaeran Event Merchant Inventory

    • Silver Boxes
    • CCBD F91 Tickets
    • 500k LP/EP Autopots
    • First Rate Pet Food
    • High VP Recovery Box
    • Pet Rise Peanut
    • Bean of Forgetfulness
    • Yardrat's Memory
    • 200% XP Bonus Scroll
    • Xenon Fuel
    • Gender Changer
    • Potion Set
    • Shield Potion
    • CCBD Potion Set
    • CCBD Shield Potion
    • EV Luck Tickets
    • Wagu Coin
    • Converters for Blue and Purple Event Coins

    Each item only costs one Event Coin, and things like the potions and silver boxes come in bundles. You can convert Blue (5) and Purple (10) Event Coins into bundles of Yellow (1) Event Coins on the last page of Kaeran's shop.

    New Cash Shop Items

    • Event Coin Bundles (1, 5, 10)
    • Nightmare Cowboy Dogi (Blue Flame Cowboy)
    • Cake Tribute Dogi
    • Muq Tribute Dogi
    • GT Goku
    • Whis Goku
    • Whis Vegeta
    • Tien White Shirt

    All of the Christmas/Cowboy/Trunks Cash Shop dogis have now been moved to the Token/Mudosa shops. Additionally, the 4th tab in the WP Shop now rotates 36 new cosmetics every day. Be sure to check back and look for the dogis/vehicles/accessories you want!

    Trade Ban System

    We've had a lot of feedback that we're being too harsh on people that might accidentally trade with botters when we ban the botters, and we hear you. We've implemented a new trade ban system for those edge cases around botting where someone may or may not be, but innocence or guilt can't be proven, and a permaban is too harsh a punishment. Here's how the new trade ban works:

    • The person who is banned can't trade
    • Can't use trade chat
    • Can't use the bank or guild bank
    • Can't use the personal shop
    • Can't use the auction house
    • Can't use the pet remote warehouse
    • Can't send/receive mail

    If you have been permabanned in the past for trading with a botter in one of these edge cases, please submit a ticket so we can review your case, now that we have the tools for more reasonable punishments.

    PvP Ban System

    With the new Mudosa rewards in Ranked Arena, we are seeing a lot of people using multi account or playing with their friends to trade wins and farm Mudosa in PvP arenas. Going forward, this is now against the rules, and is reflected in the game policies accordingly. The same with knowingly abusing any bugs in any PvP format. If you see someone doing either of these things, please submit a ticket to us and report them, so that we can preserve the integrity of PvP. We have a new PvP Ban system that functions similarly to the Trade Ban system, that prevents PvP banned players from entering any PvP format, even plat. Be sure to review the game policies on the main website and refrain from win trading/bug abusing in PvP. We'll be looking closely at the main winners in Ranked Arena over the coming weeks to do some selected wipes of titles and records for people who have been trading wins there.

    Misc Changes

    • Increased cooldown on Fairy Dust and Magic Mushrooms to 10 minutes
    • Mobs in Korin Tower no longer drop tokens, zeni, gemstones, upgrade kits, or wagu coins
    • Added new easier to read fonts for each language
    • Added test server connectivity functionality to the launcher
    • Items that expire can no longer be sold on the Auction House
    • Event Coin translations updated
    • Event Coin stack size increased to 250
    • Event Coins are now tradable
    • Kid Gohan Dogi is now tradable, and has been added to Wagu Machine 1
    • Several localized files have been merged into the main file structure in preparation for 2.0 (hopefully) later this year


    • Fixed a bug causing the Xeno Goku dogi to have a stack size of 5
    • Fixed Guild/Character window lag with new fonts
    • Fixed Arial Unicode MS clash bug with new fonts
    • Fixed W10 freezes

    Thank you so much for being so patient with us on this patch! I know it's a big one with a lot of content and we had to delay things to get it right, but we hope it's worth it for you in the end! As always thanks for playing and supporting us with your time, humor, memes, friendship, and donations! We couldn't do any of this without you and we're humbled to be here. Up next we're reworking a few events and moving on to the CCBD rework after that! See you in game for more events soon!


  • Yeah good Job!

    Thanks buddy!

    is there a way to reduce the patch size, it is pretty big for me to download:(

    Sort of. This patch was big enough to be basically the entire game, so you can uninstall/reinstall to get all of it at a faster rate than the launcher can download. That said, we understand these patches are frustrating, one of our top priorities with 2.0 is reducing the size of patches when we write the new launcher. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience buddy.

    Verdant, please make a Vegeta hair too plz plz plz plz

    im big, huge Vegeter's fan

    plz Verdant i wish u do it :)

    Verdant, please make a Vegeta hair too

    plz plz plz plz

    im Vegeter's bigbigbig huge fan

    i pray for u make a Vegeter hair

    everyday everytime thanks for your hard work

    Don't worry guys, Vegeta's hair is high on our to do list. The reason we haven't done any new hairstyles is because 2.0 isn't too far off, and we wanted to roll it into the new hair system there.

    Thanks guys! nice work!!

    Love the Mechanical for all classes and Muqbang for female char.

    Nice update! Good to see that DBOG is active!!

    Thanks for the support! Have fun playing!

    Buenas seria tan amable de pasarme el link del nuevo laucher si es que hay ?

    Hola amigo, no hay un lanzador nuevo para este parche, pero puedes obtener el parche completo en #descargas en discord o en dboglobal.to/downloads

    thank you verdant, good job <3

    Thanks for supporting us MrBombastic <3

    alguna ayuda al respecto de lo que estoy mencionando???

    Si aún necesita ayuda, solo envíeme un mensaje en Discord, soy Verdant # 4492

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