[1.69 English] Bugs 'n Stuff

  • This will very-likely be an ongoing sort of thread and some of these are probably already known. But, here goes~

    That's it so far, but I'm sure I'll find more (waka waka~).

    Thanks for reading!

    I'm not that hard to find… if you know where to look.

    -=( JoLiKMC @ Tumblr )=-

    Edited 4 times, last by Jo Li KMC: Reported one Items bug, two Quest bugs, and (technically) four Translation errors. Also changed the "updated" lines to display months by word for clarity. (And fixed one that I missed.) ().

  • Jo Li KMC

    Changed the title of the thread from “[1.69] Bugs 'n Stuff” to “[1.69 English] Bugs 'n Stuff”.
  • Regarding the pet quest, you get a free one upon the completion because there is no way a new player with a level 5-10 would be able to afford a 150,000 zeni for a pet.
    I believe the quests completes opon clicking the Pet Machine just to let you know this is where you get your pet next time you want one.

    Similar situation on the mail quest , just so you know where it is/what it looks like , the interface is simple and everybody can figure it out in a heartbeat.

    Also the "Go to Kokkara" quest teleport just makes sense.
    You would not want to walk 10 minutes after just starting a new game to get to your village.

    The other "Bugs" would have to be answered by DBOG team.
    Hope it helped!

  • Would I be more useful on the Test Server…? I'm actually playing the game while I stumble over bugs, but if you want me to shift focus, I can do that. I have a habit of being over-enthusiastic when trying to help projects along… usually to a point where people tell me to get lost, ha hah.

    On an unrelated note, I modified the original post with update… uh… dates and made sure to identify the latest bugs I've found~

    Oh, also…

    Also the "Go to Kokkara" quest teleport just makes sense.
    You would not want to walk 10 minutes after just starting a new game to get to your village.

    It's a whole minute's walk from Adventurer YingYang – maybe two if your sense of direction is bad. Plus, there's a waypoint leading right to it~

    (Besides… walking from quest hub-to-quest hub is part of the MMORPG experience! Look at World of Wacraft and even EverQuest. :P)

  • It would give you access to commands in case you needed to quickly swap to a certain class/level and test things that way. Up to you, the feedback is good either way.

    Oh, I dunno if you wanna give me that kind of power. I mean, you know how it is~

    But seriously, I'll give it some thought. That sounds like it might be interesting.

    It's awesome to see a player putting so much thought into the game while playing it haha. My biggest problem is that I usually avoid those bugs as much as I can so that I eventually forget there was even a bug haha

    You're a blessing to this community

    Aww, thank you! ♥ I'm like this because I can't help myself, honestly. If something seems like it needs fixing or help, I gotta throw my two cents in. Heh heh.

    Though, now that I've gotten to the Land of Korin, I'm getting a little lazier… particularly when it comes to "translation errors".

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