Dragon Ball Hunting Event

  • Hello guys, how are you going? I hope you are ok; I made this little guide to let you guys know how the Dragon Ball Hunting Event works in our server. I will try to let everything I can explained in this little thread. And if you have any doubts about the event, please be free to ask.

    What is Dragon Ball Hunting?

    So, for those who are new in Dragon Ball Online, this event, as the name suggest, is about hunting Tier 2 Dragon Balls, those are the most common Dragon Ball and with those you can call Shenron to wish for some goodies that I will describe below.


    You probably noticed that I mentioned Tier 2 before, why? Well, that it is because there are 3 types of dragon ball:

    Tier 1

    They are the Dragon Ball you collect through quests in the starter maps, these Dragon Ball grant only one wish, a capsule that will give you a level 20 set, and 50k Zeni. They are basically Dragon Balls that are supposed to give you your first experience summoning Shenron.

    Tier 2

    They are the Dragon Balls that you get through the dragon ball hunting event while it’s active, and with what you can wish most of the useful wishes like Transformations and Dragon Buffs.

    Tier 3

    They are part of the Dragon Ball Scramble event, click here to know more about the event.

    Before to explain how the event works, the first thing you need to know is that you need a scouter that marks enemies that have dragon balls with an icon in your minimap, like this:

    And when you scan an enemy with a dragon ball it will appears like this:

    The cheaper scouter with the dragon ball radar function can be bought in Korin Village, and you can identify a scouter with that function if in the item effect says: “Dragon Ball Radar”.

    How does It work?

    The hunting in this server works in a unique way, differing a lot from the retail version. Here instead of flying across the map looking for enemies with Dragon Ball icons in the minimap while the event is on, you must farm an area waiting for the enemies with dragon ball icon to respawn.

    It is built this way to encourage people to farm for them instead of flying across the map, wasting a lot of time looking for an enemy with a dragon ball icon that at the end it would only has a chance to drop a dragon ball, and THAT’s another differentiating factor in this server, here all the enemies that respawn with a dragon ball icon have a 100% chance to drop a dragon ball!

    Schedule, Spawn Level and Drop Rate.

    Now, let’s talk about more technique stuff. First, the schedule.

    The Dragon Ball Hunting event is on practically 24/7, but it turns off for 10 minutes, from 23:50 UTC to 0:00 UTC. So, have in mind that all the enemies with dragon ball icons disappears when the event is turned off, so hunt them before that. In the right-bottom of the screen you can find the next icon indicating that the event is on.

    Also, since we don’t want players to go and farm low level areas taking the easy way, a range of level in which enemies will respawn with dragon balls was set. This range is 7 levels within your level, so, if your level is 60, you must farm areas with level 53 to level 67 enemies. The enemies farmed outside that range won’t respawn with Dragon Ball Icon.

    Ok, now with that set, let’s talk about the spawn rate, right now the enemies have a 0.5% or a 1 of 200 chance to respawn with a dragon ball, this might sound too little, but if we have in mind that the event is technically on 24/7 and that at level 60 your farming speed rate is high, it sounds very reasonable.

    In another affair, in retail version of DBO, it was very common that people would compete to fight enemies with dragon ball icons, but right now players don’t have to worry about other players to come and steal the dragon balls that they are farming, because right now the enemies that respawn with dragon balls can only be seen by the one that beat them earlier, either through the minimap or the scouter, this affects even party members, they won’t be able to see enemies with dragon ball icons, so rest assured because it is very unlikely that someone will come to steal your dragon balls.


    Before we talk about the wishes, let’s talk about a few details you need to know about Dragon Balls and Dragon Ball Hunting.

    1. Blank Dragon Balls

    These dragon balls appear only when you have all the 7 numbered balls in your inventory, because the game tries to give you a unique dragon ball, but since you have all the 7 in your inventory the game will give you a Blank Dragon Ball. This item is totally useless, you cannot do anything right now with it, so you must discard it to free up your inventory.

    So, what to do if you kill 2 enemies with dragon ball icons and you have 6 dragon balls in your inventory? Well, there are 3 things you can do.

    • Open the bank with the pet skill and move one of the dragon balls that are in your inventory to the bank. Because the game only checks your inventory when you pick a dragon ball, not the bank, so no matter how many sets of dragon balls you have in the bank, you will not receive a Blank Dragon ball if your inventory doesn’t have the 7 numbered dragon balls.
    • Pick the dragon ball with another char of your own.
    • If you don’t have an alt close to pick the dragon ball and you don’t want to waste the dragon ball, you can write in the trade or lfg chat for someone to come and pick it up.

    2. The icon indicating that the event is on has disappeared.

    This happens when you relog having a full set of dragon ball in your inventory, once you use them, or put some in your bank and relog, it will appear again.

    3. Is it possible to trade Dragon Balls?

    Right now, you cannot trade normal dragon balls, however, there are ways you can buy or trade dragon balls from players thanks that dragon ball chests are available in the Wagu Machine 2, and those chests can be traded. There are 3 kind of dragon ball chests: Even Chest that contains all the even numbered dragon balls, Odd Chest is the same but with odd numbered and All, that contains the previous chests.

    4. 2x Dragon Ball Drop Rate Event.

    There is an event that doubles up the chance of enemies to respawn with dragon ball icon. Stay tuned in discord to know when this event happens.

    You will find an announcement that the event is on when you log in into the game like this:

    5. What does happen after the limit of 3 minutes?

    It is told that you would lose a dragon ball if Shenron leaves after that time, but it doesn't work like that anymore. You still have your dragon balls, but you will have to relog to be able to use them again.


    With everything settled, let’s list all the dragon ball wishes:

    PS. The item or skill given variates depending on the race and subclass of the character that summons Shenron, so, a Dende cannot ask for a Gem or for gloves.

    • Please give me money!
      It will give you 50k Zeni times the level you have, so, if you are level 55, you will get 2.75kk Zeni, and if you are 60, it will give you 3kk Zeni.
    • Please give me a strong weapon
      • I want a pair of fighting Gloves!
        It will give you a pair of gloves focused on physic attacks.
      • I want a pair of Energy Gloves!
        It will give you a pair of gloves focused on energy attacks.
      • I want a pair of Balanced Gloves!
        It will give you a pair of gloves with even physic and energy attack stats.
      • I want a pair of Energy Gauntlets!
        It will give you a pair of gauntlets focused on energy attacks, but with lower Energy stat and lower Attack Speed
      • Please give me the Staff of Shenron [Dragon Clan exclusive]
        It will give you the staff of Shenron
    • I want a strong sub-weapon.
      • Please, I want a [Race] weapon!
        • I want a [Subclass weapons’ name]!
    • I want strong and beautiful clothes.
      • I want [Main Class] clothes.
        • I want a Jacket!
        • I want some Pants!
        • I want some Shoes!
    • I want strong accessory.
      PS. The earrings, not matter which of the 4 you wish for, it will have random stats once it is in your inventory. They are meant to be restructured with the Special Equipment Boxes, not the case with the rings, the stats they have in the wish menu, will be the same once they are in your inventory. Rings cannot be restructured.
      • I want a Necklace
      • I want an Earring
        • I like Spring!
        • I like Summer!
        • I like Fall!
        • I like Winter!
      • I want a Ring
        • I like Spring!
        • I like Summer!
        • I like Fall!
        • I like Winter!
    • I want a powerful ability!
      • I want the most powerful ability!
        • I want to unleash my hidden powers!
          It gives you the transformation of your race
      • I want to increase my Strength!
        • Feel the Strength of Shenron!
          It gives you the Dragon King’s Strength buff
      • I want to increase my Constitution!
        • Feel the Constitution of Shenron!
          It gives you the Dragon King’s Constitution buff
      • I want to increase my Focus!
        • Feel the Focus of Shenron!
          It gives you the Dragon King’s Focus buff
      • I want to increase my Dexterity!
        • Feel the Strength of Shenron!
          It gives you the Dragon King’s Dexterity buff
      • I want to increase my Soul!
        • Feel the Soul of Shenron!
          It gives you the Dragon King’s Soul buff
      • I want to increase my Energy!
        • Feel the Energy of Shenron!
          It gives you the Dragon King’s Energy buff
    • I want a powerful attack!
      • I’m a [Race]
        • [HTB Subclass’ name]
    • [Blank space]
      • I want Panties [Pantsu Pet]
        It gives you the pet Smile Pattern Underwear (Level 1)

    Thank you for reading the guide, if you have any question, please be free to comment it.

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  • Hola nose si ocurre un error pero mate 200 Mobs de nivel 40 y soy nivel 47 y no me apareció la esfera del dragón q puedo hacer? O toca hacerlo en un canal especifico

    No estoy muy seguro , pero tengo entendido que en el canal 5 no aplica ningun evento , es como un canal limpio de eventos

    Capaz estabas en ese canal tratando de farmear las esferas ;(

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