There's no way to make the new launcher mod-friendly?

  • So ive been out for a few years and im back to check out how things are going and i realized that there's a lot of new stuff going on and im glad that this is happening, just saw that theres a new server merge with the guys from dbo revelations thats very awesome that can bring up more life to the game. Another thing is i realized that the new launcher is not friendly with mods when i had to download the new launcher i lost all my mods i had previously installed thing is i added again a new pack of mods but the launcher verify files every time you execute it and in this process overwrite the mods with the original files again then i lost my mods again but then i saw in the launcher a option to ''ignore patch'' automatically that stop removing my mods but the thing is every time a new patch launches i will need to put all my mods again and again? this is annoying there's no way to make this launcher mod-friendly? i noticed that the tomlanji resource tool is abandoned? there's no one that can make a more modern convenient version of tomlanji resource tools? it's seems people kinda forgot?

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