• Hi.

    I would like suggest the Budokai would be 7 days a week (about evening 19:00 hour) but 1 account registered only 2 piece a week, when he have a free evenings.
    Because if someone working at weekend and budokai only accessable once a week than he never can be playing at Budokai.
    If many people join once a week at Budokai, this will be very hard to make a good result and will be only a few people win every weeks.
    If would be 7 budokai at week and 1 account could register only 2 designated days or 1 day or nothing, then he can play 2 Budokai at week and he can be more chance to win a prize and revards.

    What do you think about this?

  • Should be on the weekends when most people are off of work or don't have to be in school.

    It should be something you look forward to every week so people can prepare for it. I think HK went with that method and went day and most of the same people that won the day before had the title again and I'm not saying someone else can't get the title. I'm saying it was kinda easy with all the one shots and all, so giving them time to strategize and what not is good.

    Back to having it on weekends, most people have jobs or go to school so they don't have time to attend the tournaments during the week which gives an advantage to people with much more time on their hands. Maybe that can change in the summer but still, there are people that work and go to school in the summer so that option is eliminated as well. That's what I think.

  • No every day, only 2x one week. But you choose what 2 days. That mean 7 Budokai \ week, but your account can only acces 2 every week.

    That mean every peoples can play Budokai not only the "weekends" players and if the peoples join 2\7 Budokai at week, they would be more chance to win prize and reward.

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