Kaio-Ken and Super Saiyan

  • Hello, as many of us know Kaio-Ken and Super Saiyan these two are one of the most interesting and fun part of DBO-Game. With that being said i would like to introduce interesting idea. As we all know Kaio-Ken has different stages which honestly makes no difference since you're not even able to sustain x1 Kaio-Ken for longer period of time, on the other hand Super Saiyan Transformation doesn't have different stages and while it's slightly more sustainable than x1 Kaio-Ken i still think both are very fun to use and even more so with some new features added, also could be a little better if Kaio-Ken could be sustainable a little more in x1/x2.First - Kaio-Ken could work like this: EP/LP drain should be nerfed so at least for x1/x2 you can be able to sustain it Solo without any EP/LP buffs (EP/LP Drains can be effected by Character Level with higher level less drain since your character is way stronger, as for example: Level 50 > Level 40 ), in addition to that i would like to see False Super Saiyan added which you can make work like this: After going Kaio-Ken x5 you should be able to Hold your Kaio-Ken Ability RP (which will trigger False Super Saiyan) consuming for testing purpose let's say 5 RP-Balls and you would transform into False-Super Saiyan.( So the requirement for this is to be in x5 Kaio-Ken and to have x-RP Balls). Now for Super Saiyan EP drain could be altered or not, RP Abilities can be added into Super Saiyan with those being Grade-1 (Buffed Version) which should be Energy Type Transformation and Full-Power Super Saiyan which should be Physical Type Transformation going into these Transformations will be required to be into Super Saiyan State and having 5 RP Balls (testing example) thus triggering your RP-Ability which you've already set before. You can make this unlockable with Wishes/Levels it really makes no difference.

    Best regards!

  • Hi Aramorth,

    In my opinion I don't really like the false super saiyan idea and hope it never makes it's way to DBO GR.

    The reasons for this are:

    • False super saiyan isn't canon and isn't recognized as a form throughout the manga
    • You are only taking into account saiyans, but what about majins and nameks? It wouldn't make sense to call it 'false super saiyan' as they can't achieve this state
    • This suggestion is too complex behind the mechanic, with how it operates
    • The developers would be better off working on more known, popular transformations (SSJ 2, Super Buu, Orange Namekian) etc over this.

    I appreciate the time you took to think out the suggestion though, but yeah it just doesn't make too much sense to me because of the reasons I listed above.

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