[EN] Patch Notes - 2023-04-01 - Mind Bending Changes With DBOG!

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    Hey Everyone,

    We're back with another update! We've been hard at work to bring you great changes this April 1st.


    • Full creative control has been transferred to PuiPui. DBOG is now changing to DBO Puiverse.
    • Gemstone drop rates tripled + every weekend is 2x Gemstone Weekend now. All other weekend events have been cancelled.
    • Evil Shenron can now be summoned using a full set of blank DB's. Use him to wish for infinite Zeni.
    • Flying now costs 2x AP, but can be regenerated with Moon Cakes bought from the Cash Shop for 9001 points each.
    • Added flight and dashing to the Pure Majin transformation.
    • Sitting down in Great Namek form can now crush enemies underneath your character.
    • New +3 and +5 u70 Upgrade Kits have been added to the cash shop for 1337 points each.
    • Transformation Potions can now be found in the item boxes in RP2.


    • Fixed a bug preventing Rinder from being banned.
    • Fixed a bug causing all characters to be the same size.
    • Fixed a bug causing transformations to have a cooldown lower than 4 hours.
    • Fixed a bug preventing items from being destroyed while upgrading.
    • Fixed a bug preventing failure while upgrading.
    • Fixed a bug where Kaioken kills the world boss in one hit at 10 stacks.
    • Fixed a bug allowing players to get Fighter shoes from CC.

    Happy April 1st everyone, and thank you so much for playing and supporting us! Up next are DBOUR commissions, Anniversary outfits, and then full time new client work!

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