some changes that could be done

  • Before you guys say anything about my suggestions let me remind you that im gonna talk about things that COULD be done AFTER the final release, so it doesn't bother the team in the developpment.

    -1: first im going to talk about transformation, especially humans. "oooh fanboy you want SSJ4 right ?" actually nope. but let's say that between races, there is some unbalanced things. That's not breaking news to say that nameks and majin are way better than humans. So i THINK that MAYBE humans COULD have a 2nd transformation. just a second no more. Like ssj2, of course. get the db again wish for SSJ2 and need to already be on SSJ1 to use SSJ2. You're gonna say that it wouldn't be fair for other races, so even if its' fair cause humans are weak af (still love them), i created a while ago a little tree for each races here it goes:
    humans: SSJ1 SSJ2 SSJ3 (maybe no ssj3)
    namek: great namek, random namek fusion (like nail) with a little animation of absorbtion and a great white aura, and kami fusion again an animation with a well dressed namekian and with a giant white aura.
    majin: super buu, absorbtion buu (random human getting absorbs so he gets his cloth), and finally kid buu
    i know that all of this is already super hard to make, that's why i say that they COULD do it after a final release, and even more, ask for community help, i saw many talents in the community.
    -2: i know they will in the future add news maps, but as a suggestion we can make historical map of dragon ball come back, as the ruins of the cell games, the kaïo shin world, and all of this you know.
    -3: the TMQs, i have read that they will add more somewhere on the forum but what about old dragon ball tmq ? like king piccolo or red ribbon siege with kid goku !
    -4: for finish the classic : DOGIS. i just want to suggest some ideas of dogis that would be awesome like perfect cell's body, gohan ssj2, kaïoshin, super C-17, Ginue.

    thanks for reading all of this and excuse me for the lenght of this text, tell me what you guys think about all of this and remind that it's only suggestions, that's not things i want in the game, that's things i'd like to see in the game. give me your opinions and thanks again to the DBOG team for making this game resurrected, that's already a lot of hard work.

  • going with the idea of humans being weaker:
    If a second transformation would be too much or "unfair" to the other classes, humans could receive a strength boost. The idea would be to ask Shenron for the coveted Saiyan tail on our Saiyan descendants. Now, before i get blasted with messages from raging DB fans, just hear me out. Humans still would NOT be able to go great ape form because their Saiyan blood is too weak. The only thing happening is the increase of strength that a tailed Saiyan has and a cool cosmetic to go with it.

    just posting some suggestions in response to the Original Post (nice ideas btw :D )

  • a

    We can just ask them to change the Transformation Pot to regular Transformation skills, There are some historical DBZ and DB spots. we already got a cell looking ish dogs and kaoioshin dogis

  • 1_ I like this idea but I don't think they going to add a new transformation or something like SSJ2 (Maybe yes). A possibly is they duplicate the stats of the transformation (x2, x3, etc), obiously wishing them with the db.
    2 - 3_ I really like this idea because, after all, the game elapse 1000 years before Z warriors and see these things may be normal in this world
    4_ They going to create more dogis, surely (dogis like piccolo's costume, goku's db super costume, etc)

  • 1.I think they don't need to create new transformations, they just need to buff the Super Sayian transformation. I think that the transformation in each race is something unique and hard to get so if we get more transformations than it won't be that unique as it is right now.
    2. My idea of making new maps would be like this: Ok let's imagine the devs made a map of Kami's temple on earth. In that place there will be nps that will give you side quests for sick dogis and/or nice armor and those items that you receive by those quests (that would be very difficult to complete) would be on the top level. Now the good part is how you reach those new maps. I think the devs could make those places very hard to get in. Like you need to buy an expensive pass with zeni or you need to complete a special quest in order to have acess to those places.
    3. I agree with you on the idea of creating more dogis. There are so much dogis to be explored and created

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