Cash Shop Items Suggestion

  • it is very weird to obtain special items from a drop.

    for example skill reset, brown and silver boxes, dogis, books for change guild or char names, white stones, kid clock, cars, autopots, dogi balls.

    all of these should be in the cash shop.

    maybe the dogis could cycle between seasons and holidays(christmas, halloween, valentine, etc)

    to balance the "pay2win" a solution could be a reward system for every time you log in (this used to work in the original game), and rewards for winning events (the server vs server idea from daneos could reward the winners with cash shop items)

  • While everyone is complaining about the price, i feel like this one is fair, and affordable to those who cant spend alot on the game. and in a way when the price is fair, we cashers cash more anyways ^^. Cheap = more transactions, expensive = rarely transactions.

    thats how i see it.


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  • The problem people are having with the boxes and stones being in the cash shop is that it presents the game with a p2w factor. If the shop only consisted of cosmetics and items that didn't give you an actual advantage over the other players (xp boots are questionable but don't change much). dogis, name changes, mounts, and autopots don't give an advantage game wise like the gear you get from boxes

  • I hope to see the flying nimbus in the cash shop and the kid goku appearance (with the saiyan tail) :thumbsup:

    I think Adrian made a good point. Only cosmetic items and xp boost/potions should be in the cash shop

    I vote for this as it will give the most proper and honest/fair tournament gameplay towards younger players or not the most fortunate players financial :)

    Grtz Oxraider

  • Maybe ;

    Cars : 70 cash points

    Flying scrolls : 10 cash points

    Pets : 25 cash points

    Scouters : 5-30 cash points(Depending on how "good" they are)

    Dogis : 25 chas points (Again , depending , but at most shouldn't be over 35)

    KidClock : 30 cash points

    Wings : 15-25 cash points

    Other cosmetic items : 5-15 cash points

    And maybe , something to change your hairstyle , eyes or anything you'd like :rolleyes:

  • Hey I have this Suggestion which I think would be amazing, There a few games out there that Allow us to be able to Take Our GEAR Pieces and Use them them Costume pieces So For say, If someone can't afford a Dogi they want, then they could Collect Different armor pieces Like the Saiyan armor sets and Create a costume with it which Covers up Current Gear looks or be If we were able to Change the Apperance of Gears so i could Take this awesome Looking Chest Piece which is weak in Stats but Alter the Appearance of a New chest piece with Higher Stats I really think this would be a Great idea!

  • I have seen that done in other games @'ninjaworrior123. I agree with that suggestion.

    Just want to point out, that if that function was not already built into the original game, Daneos and the developers would have to build that system from scratch. I am ALL FOR IT, but that would be a project to be finished after the Beta's have been concluded :).

  • Seems like people really do hate brown boxes, I personally never used them except with the exception of receiving them from quest present. If I'm correct they were not to op as many were needed to be used to get what one wanted. Silver boxes were the op ones those should be not be added that's for sure maybe once in a while add them to wage or just keep them in Golden chest. Cash shop from the original seems okay as it is but I wouldn't mind if brown boxes were removed.

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